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A River of Grass (03:51)


Everglades National Park is home to unique ecosystems and countless rare species. Join National Geographic for a close look at fascinating denizens of this unique biome. See footage of bottlenose dolphins fishing in the shallow waters of the Everglades.

Building a Home (03:55)

Alligators in the Everglades create manicured fishing holes in cypress domes. See footage of an alligator tending her underwater garden. Hear facts about the invasive Burmese python that is impacting the fragile ecosystem of the park.

Winter Winds (03:37)

Hear facts about how the winter season helps the alligator expand her fishing hole. Alligators sun themselves for long periods in the winter to accumulate body heat. See footage of the elusive Florida panthers.

Overcrowded Ponds (03:26)

As winter drags on, the water level drops and the ponds become overcrowded, a condition that is easy for hunters to exploit. See footage of white ibises and alligators fishing in this target rich environment. The alligator must leave her desiccated pond in search of water.

Florida Softshell Turtle (01:39)

See footage of a Florida softshell turtle making an overland exodus in search of a good egg laying spot. A crow harasses the turtle during its egg laying.

Wet Arteries (03:25)

See footage of alligators congregating in sloughs during the dry season. Alligators use subterfuge to hunt egrets. Watch as alligators try to attract mates.

Alligator Mating Behavior (03:58)

See footage of alligator mating calls and bull alligators fighting for dominance. A great blue heron opportunistically hunts while the alligators mate.

When it Rains it Pours (03:50)

Torrential rains revitalize the river of grass, but high water levels make fishing harder for alligators. See time lapse footage of the rains and resurgence of greenery in the Everglades. See footage of a manatee and her calf.

Key Deer and Aquatic Denizens (04:34)

The key deer is a subspecies of white-tailed deer that has adapted itself to life in the Everglades. Hear facts about Burmese python predation and robustness. See footage of lemon sharks and horseshoe crabs.

Lightning Storms (03:06)

The heat and humidity of the Everglades can combine to create powerful storms. See footage of lightning storms in the Everglades. These storms, and the wildfires they create, are crucial to the ecosystem of the Everglades.

Alligator Eggs Hatching (04:36)

See footage of alligators hatching from their eggs. A yellow-crowned night heron hunts a blue land crab, the hunt is interrupted by a raccoon and a key deer.

Protecting the Hatchlings (04:09)

An invasive Burmese python makes its way into the alligator's garden in pursuit of prey. See footage of the alligator fighting the python. Alligator hatchlings practice hunting techniques. (Credits)

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One's of the largest wetlands on our planet is a puzzle of different habitats and home to thousands of species like alligators, the elusive Florida panther and delicate Key deer.

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