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Daunting Heights (03:50)


Hear facts about the Grand Canyon one of the natural wonders of the world. Hear facts about the bighorn sheep that live within the Grand Canyon. See footage of a cougar prowling the canyon rim.

Grand Geology (05:28)

The native Paiute tribe called the Grand Canyon Kaibab. The Colorado River runs through one of the seven wonders of the natural world. See infrared footage of a cougar hunting at night and an acorn Wwoodpecker protecting food stores from scavengers.

Colorado Plateau (04:22)

California condors are making a comeback from the precipice of extinction; bison are also thriving. Hawks prey on grasshoppers disturbed by the bison herd. Prairie Dogs hide in the burrows from a hunting kit fox.

Emergency Warning System (03:32)

A kit fox hunts prairie dogs to feed her young. The prairie dogs yip and hop after the fox leaves. During the 19th centuries, expeditions explored the inner canyon and carve switchbacks into canyon walls. Big horn sheep train their young to navigate the canyon.

Colorado River (03:34)

The Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon and continues to slowly erode the canyon. See swallows dipping in the river and footage of river rafting on the Colorado River.

Hunters and Tricksters (02:45)

Ospreys and ravens compete for food along the Colorado River. See footage of ospreys hunting and ravens stealing fish from the ospreys.

Human Occupancy in the Canyon (03:53)

The Pueblo People used to live and farm inside the canyon; they left ancient ruins. Beavers build lodges along the side streams of the Colorado River. See footage of storms and flash floods inside the canyon.

Nightfall in the Canyon (03:59)

A family of cougars dines on a fresh kill. Condors protect a carcass from opportunistic ravens. Scientists closely monitor the condors.

Pronghorn (04:01)

A mountain lion hunts a pronghorn calf. The south rim of the canyon is home to many prairie dog communities. See footage of burrowing owls and their young.

Hunting Badger (01:30)

Prairie dogs put out the alarm and try to flee and hide from a hungry badger. The badger is a relentless predator and crucial in keeping the rodent population controlled. A badger digs into a prairie dog burrow.

Late Summer in the Canyon (03:00)

In late summer, the bison come together for rut. Bison males joust and compete over breeding females.

Winter in the Canyon (03:04)

Mountain lions hunt and feed during the winter. See footage of winter weather in the Grand Canyon. (Credits)

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Grand Canyon

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Millions visit the Grand Canyon each year, but few know of the hidden wonders between rim and river. See the Grand Canyon as you never have before.

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