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Introduction: Tracking Zika (01:36)


Since 2013, Zika has spread through the tropical French territories. Government and researchers are working to contain and irradiate the disease. (Credits)

Arboviruses (02:32)

Zika virus was discovered in Uganda, Africa in the 1940s. Aedes aegypti is primarily responsible for spreading the disease.

Zika Epidemic Starting Point (03:00)

Zika created panic for almost three years in French tropical territories beginning in 2013. Many hospital staff became infected and emergency rooms were overwhelmed.

State of Emergency (01:43)

The first Zika epidemic occurred in French Polynesia. In rare cases, the disease causes degeneration of the nervous system leading to paralysis.

Zika Babies (05:11)

Zika virus caused an abnormality of the central nervous system in some babies. A mother wonders if it was the disease or insecticide used to combat mosquitoes that caused abnormalities in her daughter.

Louis Malarde Institute (02:00)

Male mosquitoes were infected with Wolbachia, rendering them sterile, before being released into the population.

Preventative Measures (03:10)

Authorities in New Caledonia stopped Zika by installing health monitoring measures at the airport, keeping the virus from entering the French territory.

Dengue Fever Epidemic (03:49)

Every resident in the vicinity of an infected person is informed and provided with mosquito repellent.

Killing Infected Adult Mosquitoes (02:15)

Chemical insecticides are necessary when an area is infected with Dengue fever.

Mosquito Fighting Business (02:14)

In 2013, Thierry Suyiri's daughter caught Dengue fever. He invented an anti-larval filter from recycled tires and sells his products worldwide.

Chikungunya Epidemic (04:47)

In 2005, the disease spread by tiger mosquitoes affected one third of Reunion Island's population. Health authorities were not familiar with the virus.

Long Lasting Effects of Virus (01:57)

Survivors of Chikungunya still have scars. Florence Jolie remembers the day she was infected.

Focusing on Zika Prevention (03:46)

Reunion Island has a new mosquito control service since the Chikungunya epidemic in 2005. They visit a preschool to eradicate mosquito nests.

Following Virus Movement (02:14)

Zika traveled to the Pacific Islands in 2013 and reemerged in 2015 in Latin America and the Caribbean. A communication campaign educates the population of Martinique.

Microcephaly (04:32)

Health officials in Martinique set-up special monitoring for pregnant women. They used five ultrasound exams to look for malformations.

Future of Zika (04:03)

The Pasteur Institute of Guiana is at the forefront of researching this disease. Two sloths are released into the wild; their blood will later be analyzed.

Pasteur Institute of Guiana (03:40)

Zika has mutated since leaving Polynesia. Scientists work without risk of contamination to study the arbovirus.

Credits: Tracking Zika (00:35)

Credits: Tracking Zika

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Zika: the name of a forest in Uganda where the virus of the same name was first identified in 1947. Virtually forgotten at the far end of the world, Zika was thrust into the spotlight in 2013. This video highlights the difficulties of stopping this deadly virus, tracking its movements, and the effects of Zika.

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