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Fisher's Miserable Childhood? (03:12)


Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher watch old family films and provide commentary. Reynolds insists she kept the footage and Fisher's birth certificate because she knew one day Fisher would complain she was an unhappy child. (Credits)

Mother and Daughter Stars (03:07)

Reynolds and Fisher live in separate houses on the family compound. Fisher cooks a meal for Reynolds and helps her pack for an upcoming show in Connecticut. Watch excerpts from Reynolds' career.

Mohegan Sun (04:16)

Reynolds prepares for the upcoming performance. The Hollywood star became nervous when performing for the Queen of England. Reynolds fields questions from technicians.

Reynold's Performance (02:53)

Reynolds makes jokes about her relationship with Eddie Fisher and Burt Reynolds, shows clips of "Two Weeks in Love," and sings "Tammy." After the performance, an assistant escorts her off-stage.

Show Business is "in the Blood" (03:05)

Fisher describes how frustrating it is for her mother to age. Watch a clip of Reynolds performing in "The Gazebo" and Fisher singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Fisher rebelled and refused to create a nightclub act.

Fisher's Home in Beverly Hills (03:15)

Fisher gives a tour of her home and compares it to the pristine home she grew up in. Her favorite collectables include a Princess Leia sex toy and a group of ugly children portrait paintings.

Todd Fisher's Nevada Home (02:17)

Catherine Hickland travels with a pet chicken. Todd reveals his movie poster collection which encapsulates his parent's relationship. Originally, Fisher believed that "Star Wars" would be a b-movie.

Science Fiction Conventions (03:58)

Fisher appears at a convention to sign autographs, calling it a "celebrity lap dance." Fans wait for hours in line and pay $70 to spend two minutes with the actress.

Fisher Family (02:04)

Todd exhibits his "Knight Rider" K.I.T.T. model. Eddie Fisher made more consecutive hits than The Beatles and Elvis Presley combined. Reynolds fell in love with Fisher and the studio loved marketing them together.

Best Friends (02:22)

Reynolds leaves a messages on her door if she feels well enough for company. Reynolds and Fisher visit a store and argue about money. Todd describes how much his mother likes living on the compound with Fisher.

Drug Addiction (02:05)

Fisher wrote "Postcards from the Edge" about her relationship with her mother. Todd describes their recreational drug use as children. Fisher confides that she knew something was wrong with her mental health.

Bipolar Disorder (02:49)

The family discusses Fisher's battle with bipolar disorder. Watch film clips of Fisher during manic and depressive moments during a trip to the Great Wall of China in 1988.

Constance Freiberg (04:59)

Freiberg and Fisher discuss the Reynolds' divorce and Eddie's subsequent remarriage to Elizabeth Taylor. Harry Karl loved Fisher and Todd, but was a compulsive gambler and alcoholic. Reynolds discovered a foreclosure sign on her house.

Pretending to Feel Good (02:49)

Freiberg and Fisher visit Reynolds who refuses to allow the camera to film. Todd explains how MGM taught Reynolds how to behave in public and compares her to "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" Watch a clip of the film.

Devout Fan of Films (02:18)

Reynolds amassed a large collection of movie memorabilia from her studio earnings including Marilyn Monroe's subway dress, Elizabeth Taylor's makeup stool from "Cleopatra" and Judy Garland's costume from "The Wizard of Oz." The actress tried to create a museum, but was forced to auction off her holdings.

Traveling to London (03:50)

Fisher begins rehearsals for "Star Wars Seven," but is concerned that her mother is not feeling well. After working out with a trainer, the actress drinks a Coca-Cola and smokes a cigarette.

Griffith Dunne Visits (04:00)

Watch a clip from "Star Wars." Warren Beatty needed to convince Reynolds to allow Fisher to cuss in "Shampoo." Fisher and Griffith Dunne recall sleeping together.

Fisher's Relationship with Her Fathers (04:18)

Fisher recalls seeing her stepfather's testicles. Dunne and Fisher discuss her disappointing relationship with Eddie. Todd and his father rekindled their relationship after Todd accidentally shot himself. Watch footage of Fisher with Eddie during the last months of his life.

Third Auction (05:36)

Reynolds falls in her bathroom and bruises her face. Todd explains his mother dreamt that she should not sell the Rat pack costumes, but eventually acquiesced.

Interview with Reynolds (04:08)

MGM kept Reynolds under contract from 1948 until after "How the West Was Won." Fisher accidentally sets off the security alarm. Reynolds shows the camera crew Judy Garland's ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz."

Show at South Point (03:35)

Fisher travels to Las Vegas to accompany Reynolds in a performance where she will sing "I'll Never Say No." Maxine Reynolds did not want her daughter to go into show business; she would have preferred she become a gym teacher.

Final Performance at the South Point (04:02)

Reynolds admits to the audience that she is retiring from show business. Fisher sings "I'll Never Say No" to her mother, but changes some of the lyrics. Todd escorts her off-stage.

SAG Awards Rehearsal (03:29)

Fisher stands proxy for Reynolds, who is too ill to attend. The crew organizes a spot offstage where Reynolds may lay down and take breaks. Fisher starts crying.

Fisher's Down Time (04:29)

Fisher calls her mother and tells her she will steal all her money. During a manicure, Fisher watches "Funny Girl" and comments on her manic behavior. The actress keeps a Christmas tree up year round because she loves the lights.

Day of the Screen Actors Guild Awards (03:23)

Reynolds is running late for the awards banquet; family members argue who should check on her. Reynolds cannot remember the name of the award she is accepting and reminds Fisher how to behave in front of the cameras.

SAG Awards Ceremony (05:10)

Fisher presents Reynolds with the SAG lifetime achievement award. Watch Reynolds' acceptance speech. The family relaxes and sings musicals after the event.

Credits: Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. (02:34)

Credits: Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

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This feature documentary takes a candid look at the interconnected lives of two movie icons, who sadly and unexpectedly died one day apart this past December: Star Wars actress/author Carrie Fisher and her mother, Singin’ in the Rain star Debbie Reynolds. Shot mainly inside the Beverly Hills compound where both Fisher and Reynolds lived (their two houses were connected by one walkway), the film captures the unique chemistry and eccentricity that bound these two generations of Hollywood royalty. Given unusual access to each woman’s home and life, directors Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens captured the quicksilver wit and intelligence shared by both women as they orbited around each other, living separate lives but kept close by the gravitational pull of love and family. 

Length: 95 minutes

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