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American History: White Military vs. Native Americans (04:35)


Descendants of eyewitnesses to the Sand Creek Massacre provide personal histories and background information about the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes and about the Sand Creek Massacre.

American History: Massacre of Native Americans (03:39)

White soldiers attached a virtually defenseless village of women, children, and the elderly. Archival photos and personal histories bring the Sand Creek Massacre to life. Descendants and a historian describe the atrocities.

American History: Military Shame Over Indian Massacre (05:15)

Local Coloradoans hailed Col. Chivington's victory at Sand Creek, but he was ultimately dismissed by the U.S. Congress. White soldiers violated the American flag, Indian rights to live on reservations, and moral laws designed to protect the weak.

American History: Effects of Native American Massacre (04:21)

Archival footage and Sand Creek Massacre descendants reveal how the tragedy effects Native Americans today. This segment documents the what happened to Col. Chivington, Gov. Evans , and Lt. Col. George Custer.

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The Sand Creek Massacre: Seven Hours that Changed American History

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On November 29, 1864, Col. John Chivington and 800 troops of the First Colorado Cavalry attacked a peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho camp—massacring women, children, and the elderly. This program introduces the Sand Creek atrocity to viewers in a way that written texts and dramatizations cannot. It consists of oral histories passed down from firsthand accounts through the generations and movingly conveyed by descendants of Native American eyewitnesses. In addition, professional historians of the region and time period give background information on possible causes of, and twisted motivations for, the genocidal slaughter. Informative maps and an impressive array of archival photos are also included. (22 minutes)

Length: 22 minutes

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