Segments in this Video

Cato Corner Farm: Why Cheese? (02:12)


The mother/son team of Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gilman produce 40,000 pounds of fine cheese each year. They describe what attracted them to the cheese-making industry.

Cato Corner Farm: Making Cheese (04:17)

The key to making great cheese is controlling its principal ingredient, milk. Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gilman demonstrate the process by which they produce fine cheese.

Cato Corner Farm: The Joy of Cheese (01:01)

Cheese makers Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gilman, a mother and son team, share the joy they find in making cheese and running their own business. They take great pride in producing a high-quality product.

Cato Corner Farm: Going to Market (02:09)

Mother and son cheese makers Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gilman sell their fine cheese at New York City's farmers market. They value the instant feedback they receive from customers.

Chef Dan Barber: Commitment (01:15)

Chef Dan Barber knows that being a good chef requires much more than talent. He asserts that success as a chef depends on commitment, passion, energy, and sacrifice.

Chef Dan Barber: Cooking by Happenstance (01:59)

Chef Dan Barber ended up in the food industry by chance. Barber's philosophy involves buying food from local farmers, and his restaurant even produces some of its own food.

Chef Dan Barber: Getting Started (01:11)

Chef Dan Barber learned about good food while growing up in New York City, where he and his father dined in fine restaurants regularly after his mother's death. Barber went on to study with renowned chefs in Paris.

Chef Dan Barber: Going Alone (01:57)

After studying in France and working with some of New York's finest chefs, Dan Barber decided to open his own restaurant. His first restaurant became a hit on the New York gourmet circuit.

Chef Dan Barber: Center for Food and Agriculture (01:33)

Chef Dan Barber's success with his first restaurant led to an offer to run a restaurant on the Rockefeller estate and oversee its Center for Food and Agriculture. The Center's mission is to educate students about food.

Chef Dan Barber: The Joy of Cooking (01:11)

Chef Dan Barber advises aspiring chefs to be prepared to work, and then to work hard. He stresses that dedication during long years of schooling and apprenticing pay off in a rewarding career.

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Cato Corner Farm in Connecticut produces handmade gourmet cheeses prized by the upscale Blue Hill restaurants in New York. Section one of this program introduces viewers to the art and craft of cheese making through the experiences of the mother-son team of Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gilman, who talk about the joys and challenges of their business as they demonstrate how they make and market their cheeses. In section two, Dan Barber—one of America’s top chefs and owner of the Blue Hill restaurants—explains why he became a chef, how he ended up owning two restaurants, and why he’s so enthusiastic about using locally grown foods. Part of the series The Road to Success: Stories of Career Satisfaction in Popular Fields. (21 minutes)

Length: 21 minutes

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