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TImelines: Introduction (03:47)


Amber Cornwell, Jenna Lowe, and Kaileigh Fryer became three viral sensations after they died. Tim Beach describes the night Fryer was killed in a car accident.

Kaileigh Fryer's Bucket List (04:17)

When Michelle Fryer went to clear out Kaileigh's dorm room, she discovered her journal. David Fryer decided to share the list of things Kaileigh wanted to accomplish with funeral attendees; it went viral on Facebook. The family continues to grieve.

Remembering Kaileigh (03:29)

Madeline Kalberg explains how Kaileigh paid for her own housing during freshman year. Isabella Harrington describes her best friend. Watch home videos of Kaileigh's family and friends.

Outpouring of Support (04:13)

Strangers from across the globe sent Michelle gifts and well wishes. The family attends a Kaileigh Fryer Bucket List Benefit. David thanks the audience and tells them the bucket list keeps her memory alive.

Depression after Loss (02:26)

Michelle takes anti-depressants; some days they do not help. She hopes the bucket list continues to grow because it is a way to remember Kaileigh.

Amber Cornwell's Story (03:48)

The night Amber committed suicide she posted on Facebook, "If I died tonight would anyone cry?" Kim and Alan Cornwell describe her childhood. Andrew Whisenant recalls how they met online and their relationship.

Amber's Last Day (03:38)

Whisenant knew Amber was depressed but did not understand the depth; she was happy when they were together. Alan started a dog grooming business so his daughters would have an established business. Whisenant recalls dropping Amber off at 11 pm and receiving no response to his texts the rest of the night.

Amber's Death (03:22)

Amber hung herself in the closet. Friends and family recall their reactions when they learned of her suicide. Whisenant told Amber to ignore the students who called her names.

Placing Blame (05:10)

Kaira Elizabeth Browning bragged that she killed Amber and harassed her daily. The night Amber committed suicide, Browning told her to "shut up and do it." Amber's phone contained no evidence of being bullied.

Jenna Lowe's Story (03:52)

Doctors diagnosed Jenna with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension when she was 18. Bosentan and Flolan were unavailable in her area. Her family joined together to help get Jenna the treatment she needed.

Fighting the Disease (02:49)

Jenna's family started a website and trust. Jenna created a blog to discuss her illness. Kristy Lowe sings a song that Jenna wrote.

"I Need More Time" (03:32)

Jenna’s monologue expresses her anger over young girls smoking. Watch home video of her deterioration. Doctors diagnosed Jenna too late; she now needs a bilateral lung transplant.

#Getmeto21 (03:55)

Only 3% of the population registers as organ donors in South Africa. The doctors perform a lung transplant on Jenna. James Dry visits Jenna in the hospital.

Recovery Phase (02:38)

Jenna fought until her last breath, but she died in the hospital from complications. Watch home videos of Jenna during the last six months of her life.

Credits: Timelines (00:44)

Credits: Timelines

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Three girls die before their 21st birthdays. Kaileigh, 19, a victim in a fatal car accident; Amber, 16, bullied into taking her own life; and Jenna, 20, lost a fight with a rare disease. Soon after, their stories go viral and the world is given access to their lives and deaths. Kayleigh wrote a bucket list that was shared the world over after her death, inspiring thousands of strangers to live her dreams. Amber seemed to have it all, her suicide sent shockwaves through her small town, questions are asked and a portrait of online bullying and torment emerge. Jenna is diagnosed with a disease so rare that doctors didn’t know how to treat it, turning to social media to find support and raise awareness, her campaign ‘Get Me to 21’ makes her a star, and saves lives but sadly not her own. Timelines is a documentary about three young girls who lived and died on the internet, a story about grief in the digital age and how personas are shaped online. And for the families the question remains, how do you say goodbye, when death goes viral?

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