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Later Life of Ibsen (02:07)


Henrik Ibsen returned to Oslo in 1861, where he lived the rest of his life. He wrote "The Master Builder" and "When We Dead Awaken" in later life.

"The Master Builder": Act I (06:05)

Harvard Solness is a successful architect and yearns for youth. He manipulates Kaia Fosil to prevent her fiancé from starting an architectural firm.

"The Lady from the Sea" (09:44)

"The Master Builder" premiered in London at St. Martin's Lane. Ibsen focused on the rise of the individual against society's predispositions. Watch a scene from "The Lady from the Sea" where Bollette Wangel agrees to marry her former tutor.

Ibsen's Death (01:34)

Ibsen is considered the father of modern drama; he died on May 23rd, 1906. A state funeral was performed at Trinity Church; the king and parliament attended.

Credits: The Later Years+B13 (01:34)

Credits: The Later Years+B13

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This video looks at Henrik Ibsen's plays The Masterbuilder and The Lady From the Sea, discussing how they provide glimpses of Ibsen's life and world, as well his his stage techniques.

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