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Ibsen's Life and Times (03:39)


The Bergen Theater in Norway gave Henrik Ibsen his first job as a playwright. Directors were glorified stage managers in 19th-century theater; actors needed to speak far downstage because of the lighting. "A Doll's House" first premiered at the Royal Court Theater in Copenhagen.

Life of a Playwright (02:46)

The Bergen Theater bequeathed a grant for Ibsen to study foreign theater. The playwright signed a contract with a theater company in Oslo and married Suzannah Thoresen. The family relocated to Italy and Germany for the next 26 years.

"Ghosts": Act 1 (06:21)

Pastor Manders and Mrs. Helene Alving discuss the orphanage she is about to dedicate in memory of her late husband, Captain Alving. She confesses that her marriage was miserable.

"Ghosts": Act 3 (09:20)

Oswald asks his mother to help him die by an overdose of morphine to end his suffering of syphilis. She agrees, but only if it becomes necessary. Watch the climax of the play.

Legacy of Ibsen (01:38)

At the end of the story, Mrs. Alving pities her husband. Ibsen refused to allow actors to move downstage, creating a more realistic theatrical experience. The playwright wrote great tragedies for "everyday man."

Credits: Youth and Exile (02:11)

Credits: Youth and Exile

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This video looks at Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts and the stage techniques Ibsen used. It also discusses Ibsen's early life.

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