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Kabuki Theater (02:58)


At the Kabukiza, each Kabuki play rehearses for five days; performances last for 25 days. According to tradition, roles are passed down from father to son. Onoe Baiko VII directs "Narukami" or "Thunder God" with actors from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Theater Arts.

Rehearsal Process (02:42)

Matsumoto Koshiro VIII and Nakamura Matagoro direct actors in "Kanjincho" or "The Subscription Lis." Kabuki actors believe that given time, children will learn to self-correct movements and deficiencies. Onnagata are male performers who portray female characters.

"Kanjincho": A Kabuki Play (04:35)

Adapted from the Noh theater play, Yoshitsune helps his brother secure the throne of Japan. When the brother threatens to kill him, Yoshitsune flees and disguises himself as a Yamabushi with the aid of his follower Benkei. Togashi asks to see the subscription list.

Credits: Aspects of the Kabuki Theater of Japan (00:35)

Credits: Aspects of the Kabuki Theater of Japan

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Aspects of the Kabuki Theater of Japan

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This video presents examples of Kabuki productions, showing typical styles of costumes and make up.

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