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London Innovation (04:13)


London in the 18th-century produced noted individuals such as Dr. Samuel Johnson, Laurence Sterne, Richard Gainsborough, and Robert Adam. This program will contain scenes from Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play, "The School for Scandal." The century in England is nicknamed the Georgian Era because of its ruler. (Credits)

London Entertainment (03:44)

Vauxhall and Ranelagh were the two most famous pleasure gardens; two divergent societies existed simultaneously. Sheridan leased a house on Orchard Street and became manager of the Drury Lane Theater. "The School for Scandal" characterizes the gentleman's society in the 18th century.

"The School for Scandal": Act IV, Scene 3: Waiting for Lady Teazle (06:58)

Joseph Surface forswears any interest in Maria and flirts with Lady Teazle, suggesting she seduce someone to preserve her reputation. The servant announces Sir Peter Teazle's arrival to see Joseph. Lady Teazle hides behind the screen.

"The School for Scandal": Act IV, Scene 3: Lord Teazle Arrives (06:20)

Lord Teazle suspects Charles Surface is having an affair with lady Teazle. Joseph professes confidence in Charles' and Lady Teazle's honor. The servant appears and announces that his brother arrived; Lord Teazle hides in the closet.

"The School for Scandal": Act IV, Scene 3: Charles Arrives (02:03)

Charles denies he is the object of Lady Teazle's affections and insinuates that it is Joseph. Lord Teazle emerges and apologizes for doubting Charles.

"The School for Scandal": Act IV, Scene 3: Lady Sneerwell Wants to Come Up (06:46)

Joseph leaves to deal with Lady Sneerwell. Lord Teazle and Charles discover Lady Teazle hiding behind the screen. Lady Teazle finds Joseph despicable for putting doubts in her head.

Sheridan's Career (03:04)

Sheridan ran Drury Lane Theater for 30 years. While he was at the House of Commons, a messenger relayed that the theater was on fire; Samuel Whitbread raised 400,000 pounds to rebuild it. The playwright is buried in Poet's Corner at Westminster Abbey.

Credits: The School for Scandal (02:04)

Credits: The School for Scandal

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The School for Scandal

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This video looks at the balance and symmetry of Sheridan's age and the dress, manners, and musicas shown in the play The School for Scandal.

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