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Born in Dublin, Ireland (03:20)


Actor/managerThomas Sheridan relocated his family to Bath, England in 1771. This program will contain scenes from Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play, "The Rivals." Thomas Smollett called chairs outside "boxes of wet leather." (Credits)

18th Century England (04:16)

French Culture influenced trends like tight corsets, wigs for men, wigs for women, and elevated busts. The New Theater Royal was built in Bath in 1705. Richard Brinsley Sheridan eloped with Elizabeth Ann Linley. "The Rivals" was first produced at Covent Garden Royal in 1775; plays lasted over four hours and began at 5:30pm.

"The Rivals": Act I: Lydia Reads Romance Novels (03:37)

Captain Jack Absolute disguises himself as Ensign Beverley to court Lydia Languish, Mrs. Malaprop's niece. Sir Anthony Absolute arrives to arrange a marriage contract with Lydia.

"The Rivals": Act I: Lydia Leaves (05:42)

Sir Anthony Absolute wonders why women are taught to read. Mrs. Malaprop explains what she would teach young girls. Sir Anthony suggests how Mrs. Malaprop can help change Lydia's mind about marrying Captain Jack.

"The Rivals": Act III, Scene 3: Casting Mrs. Malaprop (07:27)

Captain Jack arrives to court Lydia. Mrs. Malaprop insists he read a letter that "Ensign Beverley" wrote to her niece. Captain Jack schemes with the dowager to allow him to apprehend the couple before they have time to marry.

"The Rivals": Act III, Scene 3: Lydia Arrives (02:22)

Captain Jack confesses he is pretending to be Sir Anthony's son and is truly Ensign Beverley.

"The Rivals": Act III, Scene 3: Mrs. Malaprop Spies on the Couple (03:14)

Lydia annoys Mrs. Malaprop when the dowager overhears the girl profess her love for Beverley in Captain Jack's presence. When Lydia discovers the truth, she spurns the captain, but ultimately relents.

Credits: The Rivals (02:10)

Credits: The Rivals

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The Rivals

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This video explores the 18th century England of Richard Sheridan and presents excerpts from his play The Rivals.

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