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Edward II: Introduction (03:47)


Niccolo Machiavelli was the authority of quality writing during the Elizabethan Era. This episode of "Theatre: the Search for Style" will explore the play "Edward II." Christopher Marlowe received his Bachelor and Master's degrees from Cambridge University. (Credits)

Edward II: Act I, Scene 4: Gaveston is Banished (04:15)

Edward II bestows lands, money, and honors to Piers Gaveston, a commoner. Gaveston arrives to tell the King he is exiled from England. Edward II offers to escort his favorite out of the country.

Edward II: Act I, Scene 4: Queen Isabella Arrives (03:03)

Gaveston accuses Queen Isabella of having an affair with Mortimer. Edward blames the queen for the exile. Isabella decides to entreat the House of Lords to repeal Gaveston's banishment and bring him home, even though it will mean she is miserable.

Edward II: Act I, Scene 4: Convincing the Lords (03:56)

Edward II temporarily reconciles with the queen after she begs the lords to repeal the exile. Mortimer wants him returned, so he can kill Gaveston more easily.

Edward II: Act I, Scene 4: Gaveston Controls the King (03:12)

King Edward II mourns the loss of his favorite. Queen Isabella tells the king that Gaveston's banishment is repealed; Edward and the queen reconcile.

Edward II: Act V, Scene 1: Lords Execute Gaveston (05:56)

The lords demand that Edward is deposed. Queen Isabella and Mortimer Junior return to France to raise an army. Watch the scene where Edward II divests himself of the crown; the king is convinced if he abdicates Mortimer will rule.

Edward II: Act V, Scene 1: Crown is Sovereign (09:12)

Marlowe's characters follow their passion until the character's destruction. Leicester convinces the king to abdicate. Edward II asks for Queen Isabella and Mortimer junior.

Legacy of Edward II (02:27)

Edward was deposed in 1327 and sent to prison, where he was murdered. Edward III beheaded Mortimer Junior for his transgressions. Marlow died in a tavern in Deptford and only wrote plays for 5 years.

Credits: Edward II (02:10)

Credits: Edward II

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Edward II

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This video discusses the power structures in Marlowe's play Edward II. It also includes excerpts from the play.

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