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Tamburlaine: Introduction (04:09)


Born as a shepherd, Timur the Lame became an emperor and conquered Russia, Persia, parts of India, and Persepolis. This episode of "Theatre: The Search for Style" will explore Marlowe's parables of power. Listen to Niccolo Machiavelli's words about ambition to rule. (Credits)

Tamburlaine: Part One and Two (02:13)

Listen to Tamburlaine's speech from Act II, Scene 5. When Tamburlaine conquers Turkey, he makes the former emperor Bajazeth act as his footstool. The first part demonstrates Tamburlaine's fearless ambition and success, while the second part focuses on man's capacity to self-destruct and death; watch a scene from the latter.

Tamburlaine: Part 2: Act V, Scene 3: Tamburlaine Is Dying (08:25)

Tamburlaine reminds his sons of the lands he has conquered and bids them vanquish the remainder of the earth in the final scene of the play. Amyras, Theridamas, and Celebinus say goodbye to their father after Tamburlaine crowns Amyras. Watch an excerpt.

Tamburlaine: Part 2: Act II, Scene 4: Zenocrate Dies (02:19)

Zenocrate hopes to meet Tamburlaine in heaven and kisses him goodbye. Tamburlaine grieves for his lover.

Tamburlaine: Part 2: Act V, Scene 3: End of the Play (01:43)

Tamburlaine advises Amyras how to reign and dies; Amyras grieves for his father. Watch the final scene of the play. The play is a story of man's unquenchable thirst for power and material gain.

Faust: Introduction (04:13)

Faust craves power and omnipotence; while he is not the first character to sell his soul to the devil, he is one of the most memorable. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe explains Marlowe's influence. Elizabethan plays had sound effects, special effects, and trap doors to entertain and surprise the audience.

Faustus: Act I, Scene 1: Making the Deal (06:45)

Doctor Faustus decides to study magic and witchcraft because it will make him a mighty god. In Act I, Scene 3, Faustus commands that Mephistopheles change his appearance to look like a friar. The doctor offers to surrender his soul to Lucifer in exchange for Mephistopheles as his servant and 24 years upon the earth.

Faustus: Act II, Scene 1: Lucifer Agrees (05:35)

Mephistopheles insists that Faustus signs a legal document giving Lucifer his soul in blood. After signing and handing over the deed, the doctor asks where hell is.

Faustus: Act V, Scene 2: Time Runs Out (08:11)

Faustus waits for Lucifer to call his soul to hell and prays for his salvation. He wishes that Pythagoras' theorem of reincarnation was true and he could enter the body of a beast. It strikes midnight and the devils come for Faustus.

Tamburlaine and Faustus: Conclusion (01:39)

Listen to a famous quote by Niccolo Machiavelli. Faustus realizes his quest for power and knowledge destroyed him.

Credits: Tamburlaine and Faustus: Conclusion (02:49)

Credits: Tamburlaine and Faustus: Conclusion

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Tamburlaine and Faustus

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Featuring scenes from Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine and Dr. Faustus, this video examines the human search for ultimate power and provides examples of Marlowe's blank verse style.

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