Segments in this Video

Release, Align, Renew—Introduction (01:19)


Presenter Linda Freeman introduces herself and the topic of her fitness education talk.

Myofascial Release (03:19)

Freeman talks about myofascial release and the benefits. She also gives a brief overview of what fascial tissue is and how it affects the body and muscular system.

Pilates (04:30)

Freeman talks about Pilates and how it can be used to treat muscle and body tension. She discusses the objectives of Pilates in centering and balancing the body.

Hip Flexors (01:56)

Freeman discusses how tight hip flexors can contribute to problems with the spine and core muscles.

Structure of Class (03:45)

Freeman gives a brief overview of how her class is structured. Freeman introduces the 3 foot foam roller and myo-release ball.

Practice with Foam Roller (16:41)

Freeman gives an in-depth demonstration of the techniques of myofascial release with the foam roller.

Myorelease Ball (12:54)

Freeman gives a step-by-step demonstration of utilizing the myo-release ball for myofascial release.

Imprint (16:47)

Freeman leads the class in a Pilates imprint exercise. Freeman gives detailed description of the proper movements of the body as she is demonstrating proper form.

Glute, Piriformis, and Hamstring Release (07:46)

Freeman guides the class through a series of movements designed to help release specific areas on the lower body.

IT Band Release (09:40)

Freeman demonstrates a pilates exercise focused on releasing the IT Band.

Plank Exercises with the Foam Roller (04:29)

Freeman moves through a series of stretching and breathing exercises utilizing the foam roller.

Mat Exercises with the Foam Roller (07:12)

Freeman teaches a series of prone and supine position exercises with the foam roller.

Hip Flexor Release (06:43)

Freeman guides the class through the techniques and movements for releasing hip flexors with the myo-release ball.

Spinal Flexion (09:06)

Freeman demonstrates exercises focused on spinal flexion and stretching.

Credits: Release, Align, Renew (00:30)

Credits: Release, Align, Renew

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Release, Align, Renew

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This video presents an overview of a movement session designed to change the way health/fitness professionals assess and train their clients by providing the practical information needed to address the body’s imbalances and bring the body back to maximal functional alignment. It explains and demonstrates how to combine self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques with Pilates and physical therapy movement technique on foam rollers and small Myo-Release Balls™ to completely release, align, and renew the body.

Length: 108 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2007

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