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Introduction: The Psychological Response to Injury (06:48)


Katherine Dec opens the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine lecture series and yields the podium to Doug McKeag who introduces lecturer Margot Putukian.

Opening Remarks (03:48)

Putukian tells about her start with AMSSM and her first AMSSM convention. Putukian speaks about the namesake of the Memorial Lecture series, David Hough.

Overview of Lecture (01:27)

Putukian opens with a brief look at gaps in the research and knowledge of dealing with psychological response to injury. Putukian discusses the objectives and important take home messages of her lecture.

Athletes & Mental Health (02:27)

Putukian discusses the unique aspects of treating mental health issues in athletes. Though physical activity is generally viewed as having a positive outcome on mental health, elite athletes can show higher susceptibility due to injury and stress.

Injuries (01:55)

Putukian discusses the psychological effects of injury in athletes and the impact of injury on mental health states. Stress is a major factor in increasing risk for injury.

Risk Factors & Emotional Response (03:31)

Putukian examines factors that put athletes at risk for injury and negative psychological response to injury. Putukian looks over different vectors of psychological response to coping with injury.

Depression & Suicide in Athletes (02:59)

Putukian examines the risks of depressive and suicidal behavior in injured athletes. Injuries with greater severity show a higher correlation with suicide.

Psychological Issues of Rehabilitation & Return to Play (03:12)

Rehabilitation and return to play schedules have a large importance in positive outcomes to injuries. Putukian speaks about athletes sometimes not having good coping mechanisms for helping themselves when injured.

What Can Medical Staff Do? (01:49)

Putukian covers the responsibilities of the medical staff in assisting athletes through during injury and rehabilitation. It is important to raise awareness of coping and assessment tools available to staff.

What can Teammates Do? (01:33)

Putukian speaks of the importance in using peer intervention programs to help teammates help each other. NCAA helped Putukian develop a system for wellness leaders on athletic teams.

What Can Coaches Do? (01:46)

Putukian talks about things that coaches can do to help athletes cope with and progress through the injury process. Inclusiveness to the team and breaking down stigma are crucial to postive coping with mental health issues.

Take Home Messages (00:59)

Putukian summarizes her talking points and take home points from the lecture. Many factors play a role in injury and rehabilitation, but emotional support and psychological wellness are crucial to positive outcomes.

Audience Questions (05:27)

Putukian fields questions about return to play schedules and research dealing with professional athletes. Putukian finishes with a story about how a peer intervention saved an athlete from a potentially fatal brain bleed following concussion.

Credits: The Psychological Response to Injury (00:26)

Credits: The Psychological Response to Injury

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This video discusses the critical, but often overlooked, emotional consequences of injury to athletes. From a psychological perspective, the video looks at the numerous factors that can influence an athlete’s reaction to injury, the challenges of identifying athletes at risk, and the warning signs for a potential problematic response. It offers an in-depth risk profile, lists the barriers and facilitators to athletes seeking help, and details strategies and tools that medical professionals can use to support the emotional needs that frequently accompany a sports injury.

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