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Bone Density Health Solutions for Osteoporosis: Introduction (03:14)


John Jaquish and Jason Conviser will present information on bone density and health. Conviser believes "they" may have found a cure for osteoporosis; research demonstrates that we can change bone mineral density. He outlines the presentation.

Bone Composition (02:58)

Bones are one of two types, cortical or trabecular; bone is a living tissue. Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass and bone tissue deterioration; see images of osteoporotic bones. Osteoporosis is one of the fastest growing disease states.

Risk Factors and Bone Density (02:21)

Conviser lists 12 risk factors of osteoporosis. See the total body bone mineral content adjusted by age and the stages of bone growth and loss.

So What? (04:02)

See statistics on the effects of hip fractures for individuals over the age of 50. Bone densitometry (DXA) measures bone density. Conviser explains what the medical, pharmacological and fitness industries are doing to prevent and delay the onset of osteoporosis, and reiterates the legitimacy of the studies Jaquish will present.

bioDensity (04:06)

Axial compression alters the state of a bone. Jaquish developed a device for osteogenic loading; learn how it works.

Osteogenic Loading (02:51)

A 57-year-old post-menopausal woman places 10 times her body weight through her lower extremities. The four maximum load exposures of bioDensity are core pull, vertical life, chest press, and leg press. Users increase force production by an average of 90% over nine weeks; review a DXA case report.

Research, Data, and Application (04:37)

Jaquish cites statistics on the average increase in bone density of the hip and spine after one year of using the device and ongoing research studies; see a graph of the level of force/load created by a user and a performance report. BStrong4Life and OsteoStrong provide access to the bioDensity device. See resources for osteoporosis information.

Q/A: Measuring Bone Strength (01:09)

The strength curve is predictable; the force production curve with bioDensity is similar, only higher. DXA scores significantly improve between 25 and 35 weeks of treatment.

Q/A: Volume vs. Impact (02:44)

The highest bone density gains are from larger loading cycles but fewer repetitions. Jaquish explains the creative force of bioDensity versus a typical leg press machine.

Q/A: Is bioDensity a Preventative Measure? (03:57)

Conviser states that from an exercise physiologist perspective, beginning exercises to increase bone mineral density after puberty is better across a lifespan; bioDensity will benefit many people.

Credits: Bone Density Health Solutions for Osteoporosis (00:26)

Credits: Bone Density Health Solutions for Osteoporosis

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Explaining what osteoporosis is, this video discusses the stages of bone growth and loss and reviews how osteogenic loading can safely aid in increasing bone density by stimulating the body's natural bone generation process. It provides an overview of a novel exercise apparatus, designed specifically for bone compression, as well as the resulting bone development and looks at the research findings that indicate that the positive impact of this therapy is potentially greater than the current conventional standard of care.

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