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D-Day 360: Fought, Lost, and Won (04:37)


The Bedford Boys joined the National Guard to make money; they were quickly sent off as part of the Over Lord mission. Most of them were in the suicide wave on Omaha Beach.

Hitler's Plan (04:28)

Three dimmensional maps of the Atlantic Wall help engineers understand the Nazi’s plan on D-Day. The mission of the allies was to capture Omaha Beach to access the only paved road out of Normandy; the Bedford Boys were the first on the beach.

Rommel's Strategy (04:01)

Erwin Rommel, Hitler’s secret weapon, created many traps for the Americans who were storming the beaches. Rommel made it difficult for planes to land by thrusting stakes deep in the sand; Dr. Hunt and a team of firefighters experiment to discover Rommel’s methods.

Deadly Crossfire (05:27)

Commander Omar Bradley convinced the nervous Bedford Boys they would succeed. Company A walked onto the silent Vierville sector and into German crossfire; one weapon fired 1,500 bullets per minute. The suicide wave suffered 92% casualties.

Struggling Ashore (08:13)

No Germans were killed by the bombs, rockets, or missiles fired by the Allies. Len Fullenkamp refers to the loss of soldiers as the "currency of war."

Rushing Omaha Beach (06:36)

Paul Woodadge shows John McManus an uncovered German mortar position to illustrate how prepared they were months before D-Day. General Bradley’s plan failed and he had to trust soldiers like Harley Reynolds to follow military procedure.

Getting Off the Beach (05:09)

Soldiers blasted through wire surrounding the beach with Bangalore torpedoes and moved to attack the German flanks. They proceeded through a special minefield designed by Rommel; Hunt studies how these mines would spring from the ground before exploding.

Nazi Surrender (08:15)

Steve Zaloga studies the last bunker standing at Vierville and determines which ship took it down through 3D imaging; the vessel was called USS McCook. After Germany surrenders, the Allies began the floating port, creating a constant flow of supplies from England to France.

Tragic Loss (05:35)

Roy Bedford discovered his brother was dead and he is only one of six Bedford Boys alive. The National D-Day memorial was placed in Bedford because it lost so many men per capita. Fullenkamp discusses the cost of a military mission; a month after D-Day, one million soldiers marched toward Berlin.

Credits: D-Day 360 (00:32)

Credits: D-Day 360

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D-DAY 360 strips D-Day back to its raw data to reveal how the odds of victory, in the greatest gamble of World War II, swung on what happened over a five-hour period on a five mile stretch of French coastline. Data gathered though forensic laser scanning, 3D computer modeling, and eye-witness accounts bring the battlefield to life as never before.

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