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Introduction: 182 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 2 (02:16)


Hear politicians, teachers, journalists, and students talk about the state of education in Washington D.C. public schools.

Education Gap (02:19)

Newsreel and quotes about the national graduation rates and education gaps among African Americans. Tanishia Williams Minor speaks to the graduating class of 2012 at DC Met.

Raven Quattlebaum (04:22)

Raven Quattlebaum talks about her decision to go to DC Met even though it means a 40 minute commute. Quattlebaum talks about her past and her life growing up.

Physics Demonstration (02:21)

Jonathan Smythe cobbles together scientific demonstrations for his class using limited resources. Students are impressed with the results of his work.

Raven Coston and Serenity (02:50)

Raven Coston talks about the past and the difficulties of growing up without her father. Coston graduates from a teen parent education program.

Violence in the Community (02:45)

Lakisha Witherspoon speaks to students about another student who was shot and offers counseling services. Minor speaks to staff members about looking for effects from tragedies among the student body.

DC Met Basketball (04:41)

Gary Barnes talks about how students undergoing hardship are hard to reach. Rufus McDowney speaks about being in the juvenile justice system. Perren Peterson talks about McDowney and how DC Met is helping him.

Truancy Problems (01:12)

Robert Bacon speaks to an assembly of students about attendance and truancy and the consequences of skipping school.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (01:57)

President Barack Obama gives remarks at the dedication of Dr. King's Memorial.

Poetry as an Outlet (04:07)

Quattlebaum and classmates recite poetry. Quattlebaum attends a church meeting and explains how she came found the church.

Discipline as a Teachable Moment (03:33)

Peterson discusses being the primary disciplinarian at DC Met. Barnes talks about in-school suspension and teaches students in ISS.

Working with Others (03:49)

Minor speaks about the beginnings of the Athletic teams at DC Met. Barnes coaches the basketball team and encounters difficulties with McDowney's participation.

Uprooted (02:54)

Coston is faced with leaving Washington D.C. for Texas because her mother cannot find permanent housing in DC. Minor talks about the difficulty in seeing any student leave DC Met.

Truancy Patrol (02:40)

Witherspoon goes out on truancy patrol to speak to parents and caregivers. Some students miss more the half the days of school.

College Applications (02:21)

Minor counsels students about the need to improve their SAT scores. Melissa Johnson speaks with students about realistic choices in choosing colleges.

Baptism (01:43)

Quattlebaum talks about being gay and her mother's acceptance. Quattlebaum gets baptized at church.

Winter Holidays (01:27)

Witherspoon talks about the Holidays being difficult for some DC Met students. Students without support networks can experience hardships during the time off from school.

High Need Public Schools (02:41)

Perret counsels at-risk youth and speaks about criminality and recidivism among students.

Being a Part of Something (02:03)

McDowney talks about why he loves the basketball team and how much it means to him. Minor talks about the transformation among the boys on the basketball team.

Moving Away (02:22)

Coston talks about her conflict in being forced to move to Texas with her mother. She does not want to leave her child's father or her friends at DC Met.

College Tour (05:48)

Kwame Brown, D.C. Council Member, speaks about why he organizes college tours for students in his district. Quattlebaum speaks to different colleges and shares excitement about her opportunities.

Credits: 182 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 2 (01:06)

Credits: 182 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 2

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180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 2

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180 Days tells an intimate story of Washington Metropolitan High School (DC Met) and its first graduating class. In the conclusion of this series the DC Met family pulls together towards the first graduating class, sifting through many layers of complications.

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