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Introduction: 181 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 1 (02:20)


DC Public Schools are at the forefront of the fight for education reform. See a montage of newsreel and voice over explaining the complicated morass of issues facing schools today.

DC Met (02:57)

DC Met is a struggling alternative high school in Washington D.C. Principal Tanishia Williams Minor explains how her job is convincing an entire generation to value their education. Minor speaks to staff about issues facing them as the school year starts.

First day of School (03:03)

Jonathan Smythe talks about how to teach physics without a lot of resources. Minor welcomes the class of 2015 on the first day of school.

Moment of Silence (02:11)

Raven Coston, a junior at DC Met, talks about moving from New Orleans, LA. Minor leads faculty, staff and students in a moment of silence for a student killed in a car accident.

Raven Coston (01:49)

Coston explains how she became a teen mother. She talks about her desire to become successful and how education is necessary for that goal.

Enrollment Process (02:36)

Delaunte Bennett explains how fighting at other schools led him to DC Met. Registrar Pamela Victum explains how funding for the school works off the enrollment numbers.

Win in Life (02:14)

Gary Barnes explains even support staff are teachers, because children are always learning. Barnes talks to the boys on the basketball team about getting their education.

Race to the Top (02:22)

D.C. Public Schools link standardized test scores with teacher evaluation in an attempt to improve teacher accountability. Minor speaks to staff about conforming to the standards.

Coaching New Teachers (04:22)

Jonathan Smythe is a first year teacher from Cornell University. Tameika Ashford coaches and guides him into becoming an effective educator.

Auditing Enrollment (03:26)

President Barack Obama gives remarks about education reform. DC Met undergoes an outside audit of student enrollment numbers for budget purposes. Minor rewards students with a dance contest.

Discipline (02:20)

Minor must deal with students acting out and requiring discipline. Perren Peterson leads students in a mediation session and counseling regarding conflict resolution.

The Right Path (01:55)

Coston reads a letter she has written about her desires and fixing mistakes. Coston talks about how she interacts with other students.

Neighborhood Violence (02:12)

Bennett talks about growing up in a neighborhood plagued by crime and violence.

Basketball (03:17)

DC Met basketball team attends Bo Kimble basketball tournament. Barnes speaks about why he volunteers to coach basketball and what he is trying to do for the boys.

Teamwork (04:30)

Minor speaks to her staff about the importance of teamwork in helping students. Teachers attend the Occupy DC rally and chant "We teach the 99 percent!" Minor leads the cheer leaders in practice.

Raven's First Job (03:11)

Coston talks about how nervous she is to start her job. Smythe gives Coston her grades and counsels her on attendance.

Ineligible Grades (05:10)

Bennett relates how difficult it's been since his mother died of breast cancer. When he gets his grades he finds out he is ineligible to play basketball.

Budget Cuts (02:15)

The audit findings come back and show the school is short of enrollment targets which will result in funding cuts. Minor relates the difficulties in serving kids who often don't show up to school.

Back in the Game (02:49)

DC Met basketball team plays against Eastern HS. Minor talks about the sense of urgency towards providing a better life for students.

Credits: 181 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 1 (00:0-3305)

Credits: 181 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 1

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180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School—Part 1

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180 Days tells an intimate story of Washington Metropolitan High School (DC Met) and its first graduating class. Join Principal Tanishia Williams Minor and her dedicated staff as they guide their students toward graduation day against difficult odds. 


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