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Joining the Cause (07:16)


Irish volunteers John Flynn and Desmond Ryan recall Easter Day 1916. Due to miscommunication created by Eoin Macneill, only two thousand Irish rebels join the insurrection. The General Post Office becomes headquarters for the rebellion.

Quiet Rebellion (03:58)

Joseph Plunkett’s plan to take strategic locations around Dublin is set into action. Sean Connelly and Heather Maloney lead a faction Dublin Castle, the center of British rule in Ireland. Sgt. James O'Brien becomes the first fatality of the rebellion.

Ireland Divided (04:50)

The rebels begin building barricades and digging trenches. Irish people's confusion turns to anger. False information leads the rebels to abort the plan to cut off communication between Dublin and the rest of the world.

Marshal Law Declared in Dublin (05:05)

On April 25, 1916, the rebels are forced to retreat to the British College of Surgeons. Crowds loot stores on O'Connell Street. Leading British officials are indifferent to the Irish uprising, but their response is eventually resolute and massive.

Landing at Kingston Harbor (04:37)

As the British arrive in Dublin on April 26, 1916, the first Irish response is successful as they wound or kill over 230 soldiers.

Reactions to Fight for Independence (03:12)

Liberty Hall is reduced to ruins. Volunteers are unaware that the rebellion is failing outside Dublin. Americans report extensively on Easter Rising.

Battle Zone in City Center (06:33)

Under the command of Eamon Ceannt the rebels sink back into convents and hospitals after the British attack, forcing their enemy into hand-to-hand combat. After James Connolly is injured, Pearse begins to fear failure.

Isolated Garrisons (08:26)

Troops at Jacob's Factory at Boland Mills contemplate what to do next. As parts of the GPO are on fire, Sean MacDiarmada orders a withdrawal from nearby posts. Rebels struggle to find cover from enemy fire and begin believing there is no hope for the rebellion.

Failed Rebellion (05:10)

Upon seeing three elderly men lying dead holding white flags, Pearse decides to stop the rebellion in order to save the civilians. As the revolt ends, the revolution has just begun.

Credits: The Irish Rebellion (00:59)

Credits: The Irish Rebellion

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1916: The Irish Rebellion—Episode 2

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Episode Two: Insurrection examines the events of Easter Week 1916 on a day-to-day basis. Through the use of graphics and contributions from military historians, viewers are provided with both an insight into particular locations, such as the General Post Office, as well as a clear, overall view of the state of play in Dublin. They will also hear—via archival material that has been rarely seen or heard—from the voices of participants: rebels, British soldiers, and civilian witnesses. Viewers will experience as far as possible what it was like to be an eyewitness to these events.

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