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Barcelona: Introduction (01:15)


This segment orients viewers to Phil Rosenthal's tour of Spanish cuisine. He describes what food was like as a child.

Feast of Sant Joan (06:40)

Rosenthal reflects on the features of Barcelona and the dining habits of citizens. He attends a party hosted by architects Andrea and Mercè, and meets Chef Emil Samper who explains the celebration. Rosenthal samples botifarra, lomo alto, jamón, and cake made with pork.

Boqueria (05:19)

Rosenthal and Chef Pablo Albuerne shop the open-air market that originated in 1217; the seafood section does not have a fish smell. They sample jamón and Rosenthal attempts to help in the kitchen of El Quim.

El Quim Cuisine (03:18)

Rosenthal and Albuerne enjoy fried eggs with baby squid, giant prawns, and caramelized foie gras topped with a fried egg. The men share food with people sitting next to them.

Spanish Architecture (02:55)

Antoni Gaudi designed ten buildings and a park in Barcelona. Rosenthal explores La Pedrera and the features on the roof.

La Taverna del Suculent (03:15)

Rosenthal wants to find the best tapas in Barcelona. Samper takes him to one of his favorite places in the Raval and explains the history of tapas. The men try the "gypsy arm," a soup similar to gazpacho, and oysters.

Bar Cañete (02:47)

Samper takes Rosenthal to the tapas bar designed by Mercè; Samper discusses returning to Barcelona after living in Madrid. The group tries mullet on ratatouille, fried shrimp, octopus, and moray eel.

Dos Cielos (07:05)

Lucy Carcia introduces Rosenthal to Chefs Sergio and Javier Torres, the owners and operators of the high-end restaurant. Garcia and Rosenthal dine on wafers, skinless tomatoes, white asparagus with ham, and grouper. Rosenthal jokes about his parents and later video chats with them

Bodega 1900 (03:15)

Ferran and Albert Adria made El Bulli one of the world's best restaurants until it closed in 2011; the brothers serve some of the same dishes in their casual restaurants. Rosenthal experiences Catalonian vermouth and El Bulli liquid olives with the help of Xavier Agulló.

Tickets (04:32)

Rosenthal reflects on the search for fun that is present in the food at Tickets; Albert wants to socialize high gastronomy. Rosenthal and Agulló sample several dishes including cured beef, caviar, crab, and more.

Albert Adria's Restaurants (06:23)

Rosenthal enjoys hot chocolate and pastries at Granja M. Viader and learns why Albert opened restaurants in Barcelona. Albert provides a tour of his restaurant under construction, Enigma, and takes Rosenthal to his Peruvian/Japanese restaurant Pakta.

Vila Viniteca (07:02)

Rosenthal discusses the history of jamón in Spain. He visits a top seller of the Iberian ham, samples some of the cured meat, and receives a slicing lesson.

Credits: Barcelona (00:30)

Credits: Barcelona

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Phil explores Barcelona's rich history through food - from art and architecture to their love of pork and a quest for the best jamón.

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