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Hong Kong: Introduction (01:15)


This segment orients viewers to Phil Rosenthal's tour of Chinese cuisine. He describes what food was like as a child.

Tim Ho Wan (07:03)

Hong Kong was a jewel of the British Empire for 150 years, until it ceded back to China in 1997. Rosenthal tries dim sum with sommelier Yvonne Cheung at the least expensive Michelin star restaurant in the world. The couple reflects on the culture in Hong Kong and attempt to make pork buns.

Megan's Kitchen (04:48)

Rosenthal rides a tram to Victoria Peak and admires the view; approximately 7 million people live in Hong Kong. Rosenthal meets with Lindsay Jang, Nicole Jung, and Eugene Jung in a private dining room. They sample 100-year-old eggs and foods they cook in a hot pot.

Medicine Street (03:46)

Rosenthal describes his ailments to Prof. Li Xing Lao; a blocked meridian equals illness. Lao and Rosenthal examine various herbal medicines and discuss the psychology behind medicinal effects.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (04:14)

Rosenthal receives an examination, diagnosis, and prescription from a traditional Chinese doctor. The pharmacist gathers several items to grind into a tea that Rosenthal must drink for seven days. On the roof, Lao leads Rosenthal in Tai Chi exercises.

Yardbird (04:03)

Canadian Matt Abergel runs the Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Rosenthal samples sake, various small plate dishes, liver mousse, chicken skewers, and sweet corn tempura with Abergel and Jang.

Hong Kong Features (04:59)

Rosenthal describes Hong Kong's subway system and recommends viewers try it. He returns to his hotel to find his prescription and brews the tea; he does not finish it. Rosenthal meets controversial clothing designer Douglas Young and examines items in his store G.O.D.

Sohofama (02:05)

Rosenthal and Young dine with Young's business partners Larry Tang and Steven Wu, and Chef Joe Shing at the leading organic restaurant in Hong Kong. They sample drunken prawn, orange peel congee, pork, beef, and more.

LockCha Tea House (07:58)

Rosenthal walks through Hong Kong Park and enters the tea house located at the center. He drinks Pu'er tea with tea master Mr. Yip who explains the medicinal benefits of specific teas. Yip demonstrates how to prepare green tea in the ceremonial way and tea in the Kung Fu style.

San Xi Lou (06:59)

Matt Walsh takes Rosenthal to "the most authentic Szechuan restaurant in Hong Kong;" Eugene Jung joins them. The men dine on pickled chicken feet, spicy beef, fresh peppercorn fish, and chicken cooked with Szechuan peppercorn and chilies. Rosenthal substituted Jung's tea with his medicine tea.

Lei Yue Mun (06:37)

Rosenthal video chats with his parents. He crosses the channel to reach a seafood mecca; Young, Wu, and Shing join him. The men choose lobsters, clams, shrimp, and scallops, and take them to Gateway Seafood for preparation. Rosenthal reflects on his time in Hong Kong.

Credits: Hong Kong (00:30)

Credits: Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

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A newcomer to this "gateway to Asia," Phil explores the city sampling classic to unconventional dishes, learning about Chinese medicine, fashion, mixology, tea, and more!

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