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Paris: Introduction (01:15)


This segment orients viewers to Phil Rosenthal's tour of Parisian cuisine. He describes what food was like as a child.

Paris, France (04:20)

Rosenthal walks down city streets and reflects on the imagery of Paris. He takes his Parisian production assistant Marian to Angelina for hot chocolate; the restaurant is closed. Marian takes Rosenthal to Le Deux Magots.

Marché de Lys (04:41)

Paris has bike share and electric car share programs. Rosenthal meets Chef Alix Lacloche at the open market and samples roast chicken. Rosenthal tours Paris at night.

Chef Alain Passard (04:02)

Passard's restaurant L'Arpège serves vegetable-centric dishes. Rosenthal visits one of Passard's gardens in the Loire Valley and picks vegetables; he and his crew eat wild plums.

L'Arpège (04:13)

Vegetables from Passard's gardens arrive at the restaurant; they never go into refrigerators. Passard expresses his passion for colors when plating. Rosenthal samples potato salad and wild plum sorbet; he later rides a Ferris wheel at night.

Blé Sucré (03:58)

Chef David Lebovitz encourages Rosenthal to sample a butter croissant. The French government regulates the price of baguettes.

Pierre Hermé (04:51)

Lebovitz explains how Hermé earned notoriety. He and Rosenthal sample various high-end pastries. Later, Rosenthal runs the streets of Paris.

Le Comptoir (04:51)

Yves Camdeborde introduced the idea of bistronomie when he opened the restaurant. Camdeborde and his daughter Quitterie take Rosenthal to Camdeborde's favorite fromagerie. Camdeborde creates a Perail de Brebis dish and Rosenthal samples St. Marcellin at Camdeborde's wine shop.

Picnic in the Park (04:22)

Camdeborde packs a picnic basket and introduces Rosenthal to pétanque; Stephane Jego and Rosenthal's friend Adrian join them. The men enjoy Morgon wine, andouille sausage, boudin, chorizo, saucisson, cheese, and more.

L'Ami Jean (04:02)

Rosenthal enjoys a meal at Jego's restaurant. He samples sausages, mackerel served in two ways, sautéed scallops, and Jego's version of rice pudding.

L'As du Fallafel (06:48)

Rosenthal walks down Parisian streets at night and encounters a large group of rollerbladers. During the day, he visits Le Marais in the Jewish Quarter and samples a falafel shawarma combination. He goes behind the counter to help make falafels for customers. Rosenthal video chats with his parents.

Chez L'Ami Louis (06:23)

Rosenthal and Lacloche learn how the chefs cook the chicken that was voted best roasted chicken in Paris. The couple enjoys a meal in the restaurant. Rosenthal reflects on his time in Paris.

Credits: Paris (00:30)

Credits: Paris

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While some people call Paris "The City of Light," Phil introduces his favorite destinations in "The City of Sweets," among other gastronomic delights.

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