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Italy: Introduction (01:15)


This segment orients viewers to Phil Rosenthal's tour of Italian cuisine. He describes what food was like as a child.

Florence, Italy (02:56)

Rosenthal recalls visiting Italy in the 1980s and bonding with Danya and Dario over food. Florence is one of his favorite places and Rosenthal reflects on the city's history, dating back to Roman times.

Vivoli (05:11)

Florence is the birthplace of gelato. Rosenthal visits his favorite gelato shop, founded in 1929. Master gelato maker Silvana Vivoli prepares the frozen treat daily; see her make the top selling crema.

Chef Fabio Picchi (03:13)

Rosenthal roams the streets of Florence and meets Picchi for an espresso; Picchi significantly influences Florentine cuisine. Picchi shows Rosenthal what is on the menu at his dinner theater.

Picchi's Family (05:19)

Picchi takes Rosenthal to try a lampredotto sandwich before introducing him to his mother, Ileana. Ileana has a roof garden with a 360 degree view of Florence; she grows vegetables for Picchi to use in his restaurants. The Picchis share family photos.

Teatro Cibrèo (03:52)

Picchi is married to actress/comedian Maria Cassi. Rosenthal and his wife Monica attend Picchi's dinner theater; they enjoy a multi-course meal and a show put on by Cassi.

Faliero (04:47)

Rosenthal enjoys wine at a rest stop and visits Perugia before meeting with Chef Nancy Silverton in Umbria. She takes him to one of her favorite restaurants where Rosenthal tries salsiccia e spinaci torta.

Panicale, Italy (05:58)

Rosenthal and Silverton enjoy a cappuccino at a cafe in the piazza. Rosenthal meets the mayor and Silverton explains piazza politics. Rosenthal admires a Renaissance-era fresco by Perugino and rides through the Umbrian countryside on a motor scooter.

Il Masolino (05:19)

Silverton takes Rosenthal to a restaurant run by the Belfico family where he makes umbricelli and eats tagliatelle.

Umbrian Picnic (03:26)

Rosenthal video chats with his parents and describes the food he ate. He attends a feast at Silverton's house and meets butcher Dario Cecchini.

Italian Grilling (06:13)

Rosenthal receives a lesson on grilling meat from Cecchini. The men eat the finished product sliced and straight from the bone. Silverton serves guests a variety of dishes

Antico Forno Giglio (06:18)

Rosenthal reunites with Danya and Dario at their artisan bakery. They greet each other's children, promise to stay connected, and enjoy fresh baked pizza. Rosenthal reflects on his Italian trip and dinner at Silverton's.

Credits: Italy (00:30)

Credits: Italy

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From the bustle of Florence to countryside of Umbria, Phil journeys across the land where passion and beauty are infused into every aspect of the culture, but most importantly, into the food.

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