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Tokyo: Introduction (01:16)


This segment orients viewers to Phil Rosenthal's tour of Japanese cuisine. He describes what food was like as a child.

Street Cuisine (05:26)

Rosenthal arrives in Tokyo and meets television personality Dave Spector. Spector takes him to a food shop on Memory Lane where they eat barbecued eel and drink with several "salary men."

Narisawa (07:18)

Rosenthal and Sam Ohta dine at the top restaurant in Asia; nature is essential in the dining experience. They eat "the forest floor," shrimp salad, bread baked at the table, and more.

Takashimaya (05:24)

Food in Tokyo is a form of pop culture. Writer Yukari Sakamoto gives Rosenthal a personal tour of Takashimaya. They gather several types of food and dine on the rooftop garden.

Kyubey Sushi (05:38)

Rosenthal states that lox is the gateway to sushi. Spector takes him to a sushi restaurant in the Ginza neighborhood where he tries sea urchin, several types of fish, shrimp that moves after it is beheaded, and tamagoyaki.

Ramen Sampling (07:50)

Shinji Nohara takes Rosenthal several places to sample some of the best and new styles of ramen. They visit Gyorai in Bunkyo City, the Tsukemen ramen festival, and Kikanbo.

Den (07:33)

Rosenthal visits the Meiji Jingu Shrine and surrounding park; Tokyo has more public parks than any other city. Sakamoto takes Rosenthal to her favorite restaurant to taste cuisine prepared by Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa including: monaka, turtle soup, fried chicken, Wagyu beef, and ants.

Video Chat (02:43)

Rosenthal steps into a pachinko parlor and finds the noise overwhelming. He visits with his parents via the internet and tells them what he has eaten.

Home-Cooked Meal (03:17)

Rosenthal has dinner with Sakamoto and her family. Sakamoto's husband Shinji, who is enrolled in culinary school, enlists Rosenthal's help. Dinner includes: yellowtail, tuna, shrimp, Hokkaido scallop, and squid.

Iida-Ya (07:24)

Rosenthal undergoes a purification ceremony at the Meiji Jingu Shrine. Rosenthal dines with Chef Yosuke Imada at his in-laws' restaurant; they enjoy pond loach, eel, and chocolate egg-cream. Rosenthal reflects on Japanese culture and the Japanese approach to cuisine.

Credits: Tokyo (00:31)

Credits: Tokyo

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On sensory overload at first, Phil realizes that in Tokyo, not only must the food taste delicious but the experience has to be parallel, making it pleasant for all of the senses.

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