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Introduction: 180: Hartsville: Part 2 (01:48)


In 2014 80% of American schools are failing No Child Left Behind standards. Is Common Core a new program that could help fix our declining public education system?

West Hartsville Elementary: Day 90 (02:38)

Tara King investigates the causes for declining test scores in her school and how to drive improvement.

Thornwell School for the Arts: Day 90 (02:57)

Julie Mahn speaks about the Thornwell arts magnet program. Students who are interested in the arts can apply and become part of the program for arts education that they would not get anywhere else.

State of the Union (01:20)

Governor Nikki Haley delivers remarks about the state of the educational system in South Carolina.

Creating a Home (04:00)

Monay Parran attends church and speaks about the mistakes in her life and moving forward. Parran meets with Habitat for Humanity to apply for a program to purchase her own home.

Poverty and Performance (01:52)

Mick Zais, the State Superintendent of Education, discusses the correlation of poverty and performance with the Darlington County School District. Darlington School District is #3 in beating expectations.

Lighting the Fire (04:09)

Mahn introduces the 2012 Beta Program Inductees. Mahn believes elementary education needs to inspire students to get their education. King leads a meeting about discipline referrals, which have decreased for the quarter.

Common Core (02:19)

Newsreel coverage of common core and no child left behind policy debates. Common core is a national educational standards policy, but many oppose it for various reasons.

Preparation and PASS Testing (08:45)

Mahn doesn't stress about whether Common Core standards pass or not, her teachers will have to deal with changing standards regardless of politics. King is nervous about her first testing period and making sure everything is set-up to help the kids succeed. King and Mahn cooperate to foster competition between their schools and motivate students to win.

Outside Counseling and Expulsion (04:38)

Rashon Johnson's continued behavioral problems require the intervention of an outside counselor. King explains that the ultimate decision is made to expel Johnson from school for the rest of the year.

Fight Against Common Core (02:05)

State Senator Clamenta Pinckney expresses grave concerns over the potential losses of federal education funding. Governor Nikki Haley gives remarks on her decision to pull her state from the program.

Mentoring Difficult Students (02:41)

Pierre Brown continues to mentor and work with Johnson despite the expulsion. After administrative hearings and interventions, Johnson is reinstated for the remainder of the school year.

Special Events (06:54)

Thornwell puts on an arts program student play for the community. West Hartsville holds a commencement ceremony for their 5th grade graduates.

End of the School Year (05:00)

Eddie Ingram speaks about educators always seeking to improve and help their students. Mahn speaks about the kind of stories that are told about the education system and how they do not focus on the positive.

The Future (01:17)

An overview of what the documentary participants went on to do in the next year.

Credits: 180 Days: Hartsville: Part 2 (00:29)

Credits: 180 Days: Hartsville: Part 2

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180 Days: Hartsville: Part 2

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In 180 Days: Hartsville, viewers will experience a year in the life of one Southern town's efforts to address the urgent demand for reform in American public schools, and watch what happens when the systems that can either fuel or diffuse that reform - bureaucracy, economic opportunity, and fixed mindsets - interact and intersect.

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