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Introduction: 180 Days: Hartsville: Part 1 (02:32)


One town, two schools, one family, one year—a look at the South Carolina public education system in Hartsville, SC, ranked 45th in the nation in standardized test scores.

Thornwell School of the Arts (04:57)

Principal Julie Mahn of Thornwell Elementary school talks about the first day of the school year. Mahn also expresses the importance of education and how education breaks the cycle of poverty.

West Hartsville Elementary (05:10)

Principal Tara King of West Hartsville Elementary shares some of her past and her experience in public education. Kendra Woods talks about her love of being a teacher and how her school's problems mirror those in inner cities.

Spending Cuts (01:51)

Governor Nikki Haley vetoes public education spending and Federal Aid cuts impact rural towns.

One Family (03:05)

Monay Parran struggles with balancing work and providing child-care for her children. Parran works two jobs to support her family and her workday lasts from 5am till 11pm.

We Represent America (03:41)

Eddie Ingram speaks about how small towns represent the common American experience. Carlita Davis explains how values inform education and how schools are a reflection of communities.

Parental Involvement (02:50)

King talks about the Parent Team Meeting and the struggle to get parents to become more involved in the school. Though many sign up, only one parent shows up for the meeting.

Title 1 (03:25)

Wanda Govan-Augustus speaks about the Title I Base conference. Mahn speaks at the conference about her schools improvement in academic achievement.

Quality Time (02:01)

Parran spends time roller skating with her children and speaks about how important spending time with her family is.

Called to be Teachers (01:33)

Pierre Brown talks about what inspired him to become a teacher. Brown never had a male teacher until 8th grade and the lack of male role models was hard for him.

Education and Jobs (02:09)

Eddie Ingram speaks about the importance of education for workers in the modern global economy. Partners for Unparalleled Local Scholastic Excellence (PULSE) helps Hartsville schools raise test scores.

Discipline Referrals (03:26)

Rashon Johnson faces discipline measures for acting out in class. Parran attends a meeting with King about the behavior problems. King talks about how the schedule of a working mother impacts the child.

MAP Testing (03:58)

Mahn gives an overview of the process of Measure of Academic Progress testing. MAP assesses reading and math skills in elementary school students.

Expect Excellence (02:17)

Ingram gives an interview about Darlington County School District and the individuals doing great things to improve standards. Davis expresses appreciation for the principal's achievements, but speaks of a need for uniform pursuit of improvement.

Every Child Can Be Successful (05:16)

Brown explains his beliefs about how students respond to respect in the classroom. Teachers discuss Johnson's discipline problems and look for ways to help him succeed.

Winter Blitz (02:57)

Students at Thornwell celebrate Winter Blitz, an event where Kids Closet bought gifts for 800 students in the district. King discusses the many ways that principals are accountable to the public and the community.

Credits: 180 Days: Hartsville: Part 1 (00:30)

Credits: 180 Days: Hartsville: Part 1

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180 Days: Hartsville: Part 1

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In 180 Days: Hartsville, viewers will experience a year in the life of one Southern town's efforts to address the urgent demand for reform in American public schools, and watch what happens when the systems that can either fuel or diffuse that reform - bureaucracy, economic opportunity, and fixed mindsets - interact and intersect.

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