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Ripley's Believe it or Not (05:55)


"Believe it or Not" was a popular newspaper feature about oddities and trivia created by Robert Ripley. He was a sports cartoonist, who traveled the world looking for oddities to share with America.

Ripley's Ramble Around the World (03:54)

Editors at the "New York Globe" booked Ripley a trip on an around-the-world cruise. He was to write articles and draw cartoons about what he saw. He was exposed to different countries, cultures, and religions, especially in India.

Ripley's Rising Popularity (05:53)

In 1927, Ripley published a controversial cartoon saying Charles Lindbergh was not the first man to fly across the Atlantic, but was the first man to fly it solo. He continued to publish "Believe it or Not" facts in his cartoons. He agreed to a book deal.

Ripley's Early Life (06:57)

Ripley was born in Santa Rosa, California. He was a shy child, who stuttered and had buck teeth. He started drawing at a young age and wanted to become a cartoonist.

Ripley's World Travels (03:02)

With the financial backing of William Randolph Hearst, Ripley traveled the world during the Great Depression and shared his experience with America. He traveled to almost every country.

Ripley's Unseen Researcher (03:27)

Norbert Pearlroth was Ripley's chief researcher. He spent his time finding "Believe It or Not" facts and locations in the New York Public Library and sent the information to Ripley.

Ripley on Screen, Stage, and Radio (06:00)

Warner Brothers produced a series of theatrical shorts of Ripley's Believe It or Not. He came across as awkward, but it appealed to audiences because he seemed like a normal person. He had radio shows that broadcasted from odd places.

Ripley's Personal Life (02:19)

Despite his nontraditional looks, Ripley became a celebrity bachelor. He had a high income and purchased a mansion, called Believe It or Not Island.

Ripley's Odditorium (04:57)

Ripley was always eager to expand into a new endeavor. He opened a museum and show called the Odditorium at the Chicago World's Fair. The show traveled to California and then opened on Broadway.

Ripley's Last Adventure (08:41)

During World War II, Ripley was unable to travel and wrote about heroic soldiers. After the war, he planned a new trip amid health issues. He saw the destruction caused by WWII.

Credits: Ripley: Believe It or Not (00:51)

Credits: Ripley: Believe It or Not

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LeRoy Robert Ripley rose to fame during the Great Depression, transforming himself into an entertainer who mesmerized the nation with his razzle-dazzle blend of homespun Americana and freakish oddities. Over three decades, his franchise grew into an entertainment empire. This is the story of the man who popularized the iconic phrase, and proof of why we still can't resist his challenge to "Believe it -- or not!"

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