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Sand in Everyday Life (04:41)


Sand is used in numerous products and building materials. Minerals from sand are used in microchips. Modern society could not function without sand.

Sand Business (06:13)

Sand is the third most used commodity and is no longer easily found in nature. Experts use large and expensive machinery to take sand from the ocean floor.

Sand in Singapore (03:28)

Many places, including Singapore, depend on imported sand. Many countries banned trading sand with Singapore and the country has been accused of using illegal methods to obtain sand.

Effects of Dredging (07:44)

Dredging sand from the ocean floor threatens species living there, which in turn threatens the human populations that relay on fishing. There are also larger environmental, commercial, and political effects.

Beach Erosion (09:12)

More than 75% of the world's beaches are experiencing sand retreat. Beach erosion has increased and forced some people out of their waterfront homes. The problem has been caused by humans.

Source of Sand (03:20)

The source is in the mountains. It takes thousands of years for sand to break down and reach the sea through streams and rivers. The use of dams interrupts the process.

Sea Rise (05:12)

Without sand, rising sea levels could happen more quickly. Harvesting coral sand is causing the islands of Maldives to erode, which has led to overcrowding in cities.

Alternatives to Sand (05:42)

The public sector is the largest consumer of sand. The effects of the world's dependency on sand has not yet reached public knowledge.

Fighting the Sand Wars (05:39)

The rush to harvest sand has hurt the fishing industry. In a French fishing community, the residents and fishermen have started to fight back against the sand industry.

Credits: Sand Wars (00:45)

Credits: Sand Wars

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Sand Wars is a surprising investigation into one of the most consumed natural resources on the planet. The planet's sand reserves are being threatened. Three-quarters of the world's beaches are in decline as victims of erosion or "sand mafias." But what will be the consequences of sand extraction on the environment and life on the planet? Sand Wars takes us around the world to witness this new gold rush firsthand.

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