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"Great Expectations": Introduction (03:31)


While tending his father's grave, Philip Pirrip (Pip) encounters a convict. The escaped prisoner scares him into stealing a file from his sister's husband.

"Great Expectations": Stealing the File (05:12)

While Pip warms up by the hearth, he steals the requested file from Joe Gargery. Miss Havisham asks Mr. Pumblechook to procure a boy to visit. Pip gives some food to the convict and tells him about the other prisoner he discovered down by the road.

"Great Expectations": Returning Home (03:42)

Dolge Orlick catches Pip and threatens him. Pip explains that Joe left the house to find his scarf. The convict removes his shackles and fights another convict; the authorities arrest him.

"Great Expectations": Christmas Dinner (04:59)

Joe asks Pip if he wants to go see Miss Havisham at Satis House. Pip's sister cooked a mutton pie for Mr. Pumblechook. The convict confesses to stealing the pie and the file.

"Great Expectations": Visiting Miss Havisham (04:14)

Mr. Pumblechook escorts Pip to Satis House. Miss Havisham keeps his brother's collection of butterflies. Pip meets Estella.

"Great Expectations": Playing with Estella (02:30)

Pip confesses he wants to become a blacksmith when he grows up and that all his siblings, except his sister, died. Miss Havisham insists that Pip is destined for something extraordinary.

"Great Expectations": Treated as an Equal (04:07)

Joe, Pip's sister, and Mr. Pumblechook celebrate their good fortune. Hannah threatens Pip if he tells anyone about what occurs at Satis House. Miss Havisham shows him the ghost of a wedding cake.

"Great Expectations": Playing Cards (02:27)

Miss Havisham asks Pip to love her adopted daughter. Estella slaps Pip after he attempts to kiss her.

"Great Expectations": Pip Gets Clean (05:19)

Pip falls in love with Estella. Mr. Jaggers refuses to allow the Pockets to visit. Miss Havisham sends Pip away and tells him to come back next week.

"Great Expectations": The Reward (02:36)

Pip punches Herbert Pocket after the boy belittles him. Estella kisses the orphan on the cheek. Miss Havisham writes asking Joe to with Pip.

"Great Expectations": The Meeting (05:12)

Orlick confronts Pip's sister. Miss Havisham agrees to pay for Pip's apprenticeship as a blacksmith and tells him not to come back. Estella learns that love is death.

"Great Expectations": A Blacksmith's Apprentice (02:02)

Joe explains to Pip that a relationship with Estella is not possible. Mrs. Joe was attacked while they were gone. Orlick threatens Pip.

"Great Expectations": Miss Havisham Writes (04:14)

Pip visits Miss Havisham. Estella will leave for Paris and then go to London to seek a good match. Pip leaves and Estella chases after him; she begs him to never return to Satis house.

"Great Expectations": Joe Cannot Pay Orlick (03:38)

Joe fires Orlick. Mr. Jaggers arrives and announces that Pip received money from an anonymous benefactor, so that he can become a gentleman.

"Great Expectations": Conclusion Part One (03:09)

Miss Havisham promises to write to Estella and let her know about Pip's change of circumstances. Pip leaves Kent. Watch a preview of Part two.

Credits: Great Expectations- Part 1 (00:41)

Credits: Great Expectations- Part 1

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Great Expectations- Part 1

Part of the Series : Masterpiece: Great Expectations
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A terrifying encounter on the marshes with an escaped convict and a summons from the mysterious Miss Havisham change orphan Pip's life forever.

Length: 59 minutes

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