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Escape from a Nazi Death Camp—Introduction (01:06)


This segment orients viewers to the survivors who escaped a Nazi death camp during World War II and their return to the site 70 years later. See excerpts from the program.

WWII Survivor (06:08)

Toivi Blatt speaks was arrested by Nazi invaders in Poland and sent to a death camp. Hear about Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi's ultimate objective of exterminating the Jews.

Arriving at Sobibor (04:11)

Nazis used the railway to deliver train loads of captured Jews to the death camp. Philip Bialowitz speaks about arriving at Sobibor with his family. Hear about the psychological tactics SS officers used to calm arrivals.

Brutal Captivity (05:17)

Selma Engel speaks about her arrival at the death camp and the brutality of the Nazi guards. The prisoners dreamed of escaping. Watch a reenactment of an interaction between an overseer and inmates of the camp.

Life in Death Camps (03:13)

Sobibor prisoners sought whatever small joys were available to them. Prisoners found a message from executed workers of another camp. Hear about the horrific efficiency of the Nazi death camp system.

Attempting to Escape (05:58)

SS Officer Karl Frenzel punished all camp prisoners after an escape attempt. The prisoners faced many obstacles in their attempt to escape. Semjon Rosenfeld talks about his arrival at Sobibor.

Sobibor Escape Committee (01:57)

Alexander Pechersky planned an escape attempt. SS Commander Heinrich Himmler visited Sobibor and ordered improvements to the fortifications and security.

Escape Planning (03:16)

Pechersky led the prisoner escape committee. Hear the details of the planned escape from Sobibor.

Escape Obstacles (04:18)

The prisoners killed a Jewish overseer to prevent the discovery of their escape attempt. On the date of the planned escape, a train filled with German guards arrives; the prisoners fear liquidation.

Preparing to Escape Sobibor (03:39)

Former prisoners talk about thoughts and feelings they had the morning before the escape attempt. Hear a firsthand account of a prisoner's role on the day of the escape attempt, October 14th, 1943.

Altering Escape Plans (04:41)

The planned date arrived and the prisoners put their plan into action. A member of the resistance got scared and the plan was changed. Hear a timetable of events during the escape attempt.

Escaping Sobibor (05:47)

Hear about the final moments before the prisoners left the camp. The careful plan erupted into chaos after an SS officer found the body of a dead officer. Prisoners assaulted the barbwire fence while being fired upon by the guards.

Fugitives from the Nazis (04:48)

See footage of the 70 year anniversary of the escape from Sobibor and learn about the fate of the escapees.

Credits: Escape from a Nazi Death Camp (00:30)

Credits: Escape from a Nazi Death Camp

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The Nazi death camp at Sobibor was created solely for the mass extermination of Jews. But on October 14, 1943 the inmates fought back, in the biggest and most successful prison outbreak of the Second World War. Of the 600 inmates present on the day of the escape, 300 escaped. Around 50 survived the war and of that 50, only a handful are still alive. This is their last chance to reveal the true story of their escape.

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