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Tumultuous Reign (03:37)


Henry VIII took the throne in 1509; the English people had hoped for the new king. Courtiers could gain wealth and power if they were in King Henry's good graces.

Natural Paranoia (02:01)

King Henry's insecurity was rooted in the illegitimacy of the Tudors. Other aristocratic families had claims to the throne.

Hampton Court Palace (03:16)

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey rose to administrative power in King Henry's government. Henry VIII elevated commoners into positions of power.

Wolsey's Enemies (02:03)

The Duke of Norfolk was opposed to Cardinal Wolsey. The aristocracy was angered by the commoners' access to power.

Anne Boleyn (03:38)

Boleyn was the daughter of one of King Henry's ambassadors. She wanted to be queen and refused to become Henry's mistress. The King decided to divorce Katherine of Aragon in hopes of getting a male heir from a younger wife.

Downfall of Wolsey (02:51)

After years of negotiation, the Pope would not allow King Henry's divorce. Boleyn attempted to turn the King against his counselor.

Religion in Medieval England (04:48)

See footage of the Priory Church of St. Bartholomew in London. King Henry was devoted to God and the Catholic church.

Thomas Cromwell (06:21)

Cromwell rose to power in the absence of Wolsey. He had a plan to steer Parliament toward democracy. Viewers are guided through the great hall at Hampton Court Palace.

Dissolution of the Monasteries (02:07)

Cromwell's decision to break up and sell monasteries in England brought wealth to King Henry. The rising middle class purchased many of the lands reclaimed from the monasteries.

Execution of Anne Boleyn (05:05)

Boleyn lost favor with Henry VIII when she was unable to deliver a male heir. Cromwell turned on the queen that had once been his ally; she was charged with treason.

Church of England (03:35)

King Henry's health declined. Hear the history of Henry's original English bible. He employed brutal methods to quash rebellion.

Duke of Norfolk (04:27)

Cromwell attempted to marry King Henry to Anne of Cleves. His stratagem failed and the King was maneuvered into a marriage with Catherine Howard. The Duke ousted Cromwell from power.

Court in Turmoil (04:05)

Catherine Howard was executed for adultery. Henry executed many of her relatives due to the taint of her treachery. The Duke of Norfolk survived the purge due to his military usefulness to Henry.

Religious Factions (04:02)

Henry's opinions on religious reformation changed. His reforms had gone too far to be reversed. Catherine Parr held evangelical ideals.

Legacy of Transformation (02:08)

Hear about the vast negative traits of King Henry's reign. His personal desires led to reformation and his reign of terror led to the birth of the modern world.

Credits: Inside the Court of Henry VIII (00:37)

Credits: Inside the Court of Henry VIII

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Part Renaissance prince, part medieval tyrant, Henry VIII is the most famous of English kings. Venture beyond the facade of his glamorous court to understand the danger and intrigue that routinely cost courtiers their heads.

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