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Upheaval in Venezuela (03:05)


When oil prices crashed, economic depression exposed failures of Hugo Chavez's socialist government. Matt Gutman joins Caracas citizens marching for freedom. Lilian Tintori's husband is a political prisoner under Maduro's regime. Leaders deny a humanitarian crisis but soldiers guard food lines.

Food Shortages (03:49)

Venezuelans wait in line for hours for government-subsidized staples. Elementary teacher Vanessa's students have fainted from hunger in class. She and her husband alternate eating dinner so their son does not go hungry. Supermarkets lack bread, sugar, and milk.

Black Market (04:07)

A Caracas woman speaks about food shortages. Venezuela leads U.S. asylum requests worldwide. People buy staples intended for food lines from government warehouses; patients are dying from hospital supply shortages. Dr. Feliciano Reyna crowd sources medication donations from abroad.

Valencia Healthcare Crisis (05:48)

Gutman visits a government controlled hospital, where patients and families must provide all supplies. He is discovered filming the pediatric ward and arrested. Citizens protest the regime and Vanessa hopes for change.

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The country's severe economic crisis has created widespread corruption and goods shortages, leaving many families without basic essentials. Those who want to expose the dire health care situation are afraid to speak and the government sees the press reporting on it as the enemy.

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