Segments in this Video

Ten: Snake Milkers (04:51)


This program will explore the top 10 most amazing jobs in America. At Texas A & M University, scientists extract rattlesnake venom. The center houses over 400 snakes. (Credits)

Nine: Riding a Dragon (05:13)

Pilots train for a year and half to two years to fly the AH-64 Apache Longbow. A monocle fits over the pilot's left eye and follows his line of sight. Each helicopter is equipped with an AGM 114 (hellfire missile).

Eight: Tunnel Task Force (05:10)

The U.S. Border Control searches the cars that arrive from Mexico and patrols the drainage tunnels underneath the crossings. In Nogales, officers inspect steel gates to ensure that they have not been tampered with. The Versatrack 1500 can detect drugs in places the officers cannot reach.

Seven: Secret Mud Collector (03:33)

Major and minor league baseball mandates that Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud be applied on all baseballs. Jim Bintliff collects the mud at an undisclosed location; he removes only the top layer, because the lower layers are too gritty.

Six: Medieval Metalsmith (03:38)

Bart Remling custom designs and constructs medieval suits of armor. Using a modern blowtorch, he heats the metal to mold it. His armor costs around $4,500 per outfit.

Five: Alaskan Gold Miners (03:14)

John Manz dredges the ocean floor to sift for gold. He once found 38 ounces in a day. Buddy uses a beach rocker box that was invented during the 19th century.

Four: Coin Launderer (03:08)

Approximately $5 million is thrown into fountains annually; banks will not accept the coins if they are too corroded. Walt McKay cleans them with the help of a cement mixer, an abrasive, and detergent.

Three: Body Farmers (04:37)

At the University of Tennessee, researchers study the dynamics of human decomposition. Rebecca Wilson examines a body in the initial skeletonization stage. Arpad Vass displays a body with adipocere or grave wax.

Two: Puppet Makers (03:39)

Charlie, Stephen, and Edward Chiodo make handcrafted puppets for the entertainment industry. Their work has been in "Elf" and "Team America." The brothers discuss stop motion animation and the advent of CG.

One: Gator Wranglers (05:17)

Review the occupations examined in this episode. Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle trap alligators using Seminole wrestling techniques. Riffle has been bit 19 times. (Credits)

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Modern Marvels counts down the top ten most fascinating jobs in America to demonstrate how diverse occupations are in modern society. Professions include: human alligator wrestler, body farmers, gold miners, puppet makers, coin launderer, and more.

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