Titles in this Series

Building Earth

Item #: 130777

Need for Speed

Item #: 130778

Man and Beast

Item #: 130779

Information Is Power

Item #: 130780

Fire, Coal, and Oil

Item #: 130781

Man and Metals

Item #: 130782

Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It

Item #: 130783

Rise of the Machines

Item #: 130784

Connecting the World

Item #: 130785

Violent Planet

Item #: 130786

Arms Race

Item #: 130787

Lust for Luxury

Item #: 130788

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What factors have helped to shape human civilization, linking us all together and making us who we are today? This 12-part series eveals the gripping story of how 12 surprising elements have shaped the progress of our species, skipping through time and space to show how these 12 universal forces link all mankind, and always have done. From early breakthroughs in the use of fire, fuels and minerals, through our relationships with animals, the natural world and agriculture, and on to advances in technology, travel and communication that have broadened the horizons of everyone on the planet, the factors that have contributed to the story of mankind are as familiar as they are profound. Through big-budget dramatic reconstructions, cutting-edge CGI and contributions from historians and other experts, MANKIND DECODED reveals the secret history of all of us. Find out how the implacable forces of nature have compelled us to adapt or die; how new technologies have transformed our existence; how our need for food brought forth civilization; and the desire for luxuries changed our world.

Length: 260 minutes

Item#: BVL130776

Copyright date: ©2013

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