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Always Christmas Store: One Day after People (03:10)


Humans mark the passage of time with holidays and vacations. In Detroit, plastic trees and fruit cakes will last. Twinkling lights go out as the power grid fails.

Reindeer: Two Days after People (01:19)

The Christmas icon is a domestic species living in Polar Regions. Thor's flying chariot pulled by goats may have inspired reindeer to become part of the Christmas story. Will they survive without humans?

Turkeys: Three Days after People (01:43)

Turkeys become hungry in their pens. Selective breeding has created a bird with massive breasts to meet consumer demand—but they cannot fly or mate.

Amusement Parks: One Week after People (02:04)

Roller coasters were built from wood for a century. In the 1970s, engineering breakthroughs enabled extreme rides like the Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm. Adding carbon strengthens steel components, but scratches allow rust to form.

Palm Springs: One Week after People (03:53)

Water will flow in the desert resort. Golf course sprinklers keep the grass green; the aerial tramway sits 200 feet above ground. Wind turbines continue to power traffic lights and air conditioners; learn about their design and maintenance requirements.

Fireworks Storage: One Month after People (01:57)

In rural Pennsylvania, thousands of pounds of explosives sit in small concrete bunkers. They are designed to avoid a factory explosion like one that happened in Denmark in 2004.

Alaska: One Month after People (03:25)

Without human care, domestic reindeer will join wild caribou migratory herds. Over the winter, Glacier Bay cruise ships will be subjected to snow and ice buildups that will eventually cause them to capsize.

Zoo: Six Weeks after People (02:12)

At San Diego's Wild Animal Park, hungry lions will break out of their enclosure in search of food. They will soon extend their range into the city. Some ski runs will begin reverting to their natural state.

Palm Springs: One Year after People (02:29)

Wind turbines feature automatic braking systems to shut down during extreme winds. A failure in Denmark in 2008 caused a turbine to collapse. Without maintenance, in twenty years the farm will be destroyed and the power will go out.

Salton Sea: Twenty Years after People (07:34)

California's largest lake was once a boating resort, but is now an abandoned cesspool. Agricultural runoff created hydrogen sulfide, killing masses of fish and causing an ecosystem chain reaction. View the effects of exposure on trailers and vacation homes.

Fireworks and Always Christmas: Twenty Years after People (03:36)

Vines and trees will penetrate concrete and steel bunkers and a wildfire will ignite the explosives. In a Detroit holiday store, alcohol in fruitcakes will create an anaerobic environment. Calving female reindeer will fall behind caribou herds, becoming predator targets.

Fifty Years after People (02:24)

Graded ski runs will remain free of trees due to topsoil removal and compaction. Lions will rule Southern California, using freeways to roam and harvesting ranch livestock.

Eighty and One Hundred Years after People (02:29)

Detroit's holiday store will become overgrown with plant life. Sand inside the rails of the Silver Bullet roller coaster will trap water, accelerating internal corrosion and leading to structural failure.

One Hundred and Twenty Years after People (02:23)

Palm Springs will revert to a desert environment. Structural corrosion of the aerial tramway towers will create a chain reaction leading to their collapse.

One Hundred and Thirty Years after People (02:16)

Alcohol, sugar, and flour will preserve fruitcakes for centuries. Wild turkeys will survive but their domesticated relatives will die out. (Credits)

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Holiday Hell

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This documentary looks at the fate of holiday icons in a post-apocalyptic world. Fireworks factories erupt, reindeer must adapt or die, and domesticated turkeys will be unable to survive in the wild. Lions will escape from the zoo to take over Southern California, cruise ships in Alaska will sink, and roller coasters will crash to the ground. The Salton Sea provides a glimpse of the fate awaiting Palm Springs. However, alcohol soaked fruitcakes in Detroit’s Always Christmas Store will remain edible for over a century.

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