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1950s Fashion: Seduction and Sex Appeal (05:04)


The appearance of the two-piece bikini shocks many, and in Europe, the bikini is banned on some beaches. This segment features women's swimwear couture and 1950's hairstyles.

Evolution of Fashion: Hats (02:21)

Hats from the 1950s onward evolved through a number of stages including the edible hat and the kitchen strainer hat.

Women's Ready-to-Wear Fashions and Haute Couture (03:19)

Post-WWII women's fashions feature skirts and dresses, a move away from the pants worn in the war factories. In the 1950s, haute couture is at its peak, though only 15,000 women worldwide could wear these fashions.

Fashion Designer John Galliano (01:49)

This segment features the flamboyant, theatrical fashions of John Galliano. Archival film footage shows his fashions on the runway.

1950s: What Influences Fashion? (01:59)

In the 1950s, glamorous movie stars such as Bridgette Bardot, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe influence fashion. Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe and the advent of rock and roll inspire fashion trends also.

1960s: Fur, Elegant Lifestyle, and Contraceptives (04:30)

Trendy in the 1960s, real furs and synthetic "fur" in psychedelic colors were popular. The 1960s began with long skirts. Fashion was linked with the elegant lifestyle. The advent of contraceptives ushered in a new freedom in women's fashions.

1960s and Fashion Influences (02:56)

The 1960s were filled with violence and world-changing events such as the first man in space, the moon landing, and assassination of President Kennedy. As shown in archival film footage, each had its influence on fashion trends.

1960s Fashion and Synthetic Materials (02:28)

Archival film footage shows the extremes to which fashion leaned during its exploration phase with synthetic materials. Robot-like fashions dominate the 1968 Wimbledon Open.

1960s Fashion: Hair Styles (01:44)

The International Hair Competition in Brussels tries to remove the concept of the "hair helmet." Wigs and hairpieces are prerequisites for the complete fashion look.

1960s Consumerism and Psychedelic Fashion (02:46)

Consumerism of the 1960s inspired a countermovement that some call "hippie-dom." The "psychedelic set" turns its back on consumerism, and fashion runs wild. Beatlemania ushers in new fashion forms.

1960s Fashion: From James Dean to Flower Power (02:41)

Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Elvis Presley influence fashion in the 1960s. Blue jeans and stretch pants are essential fashion elements, and by the end of the 1960s, "flower power" fashion is in full bloom.

1970's Mini-Skirts: Women as Objects (04:24)

The mini-skirt (created by Mary Quant) mesmerizes, captivates, and triggers passions. Young women fight for the right to wear this controversial garment. Are women liberated by fashion or does fashion make them objects?

1970s: Renewal Fashion (03:52)

French fashion in the 1970s is influenced by aviation and by the 1930s. This segment presents Vietnam War imagery and Paco Rabbane's metallic fashions and Gauthier's sculptured designs.

1970s Fashion as Art (02:20)

This segment features fashion as art, occupying space in the manner of mobiles: filling space but itself light and airy. Artists and fashion models seek new artistic forms.

Fashion in the 1970s: All About Fun (03:57)

Geometric patterns, waxed flower ensembles, western outfits, and masculine designs: 1970s fashion is all about fun. Fashion designers created a female mystique with swelling veils and falling crepe fabrics.

Famous Fashion Designers of the 1970s (04:48)

Paris fashions get inspiration from the zoo, with animal prints, safari wear, and furs. Coco Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, and Pierre Cardin leave indelible marks on 1970's fashion. China's fashion influence emerges as the 1970s close out.

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