Segments in this Video

Why This Debate Now? (02:35)


Robert Rosenkranz explains the motion and what he will be listening for.

Debate "Housekeeping" (02:15)

Moderator John Donvan lists events from the first 13 days of Trump's presidency. He states the motion and instructs audience members to vote.

Meet the Panel (03:26)

Donvan introduces the debaters and gives a brief overview of his or her credentials. Each panelist makes a brief statement about the topic.

Opening Statement For: Gayle Trotter (08:15)

Columnist, political analyst, and attorney, Trotter explains what the question is and is not. Elections have consequences. Giving Trump a chance means having an open mind to the new administration.

Opening Statement Against: David Frum (06:10)

Senior editor at "The Atlantic" and former speechwriter and special assistant to President George W. Bush, Frum says withholding judgement is wasting time in uncertainty when the country needs to be protected from a dangerous leader.

Opening Statement For: Clive Crook (06:23)

"Bloomberg View" columnist Crook is a Trump critic, but says not giving him a chance would be antidemocratic. Elections are flawed.

Opening Statement Against: Michael Waldman (06:31)

President of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, Waldman explains why it would not be prudent to suspend judgement of President Trump. He cites Trump's actions since being sworn in.

Opening Statement Recap (01:33)

Donvan summarizes the statements by the panelists for and against the motion.

Has Trump Had His Chance? (03:27)

Donvan asks Trotter to focus on Trump rather than Obama; she argues the other side needs to prove that this president is different to win the motion.

What Purpose Would This Serve? (02:49)

Crooks says he is not asking people to suspend judgement about what Trump has already done. Trotter says Waldman is being disrespectful to Trump voters.

Practical Effect (02:08)

Frum says an independent commission to find out what the Russians did in the American election is necessary. Crook says giving Trump a chance does not mean turning off checks and balances.

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? (03:47)

Walden differentiates between accepting that Trump was elected and giving him a chance. Trotter says it is outrageous to compare Trump to Hitler.

No Threat to Free Press? (04:54)

Crook says Trumps criticism of the press is not an unforgivable sin. Frum cites threats to a journalist who wrote about the First Lady.

Threats to Free Press (03:19)

Trotter compares threats to the free press during the Obama and Trump administrations. Frum cites Twitter as an example of Trump's power over the press.

QA: Until When? (03:53)

Crook believes in checks and balances and says Trump should get a chance until the next election. Waldman argues that people should resist in real time and points to the travel ban.

QA: Muslim Ban? (02:06)

Crook says the opposing side is playing into Trump's hands. Trotter says Waldman is mistaken about the travel ban targeting Muslims.

QA: Role of Administration (03:25)

Frum discusses Trump's cabinet choices. Trotter supports Trumps appointment of military veterans.

QA: Emoluments Clause Violation (00:54)

Crook says the time to stop giving Trump a chance is when the court finds that he has broken the law and he refuses to back down.

QA: What Are the Benefits? (03:14)

Frum says not giving Trump a chance will put people in the right frame of mind to judge unethical actions. Crook points to checks and balances and the option of impeachment.

QA: Presumption of Good Faith? (04:26)

Crook says it would be dangerous to assume President Trump is acting in good faith, but says his voters deserve respect.

QA: Disregard Will of American People? (01:54)

Trotter argues that the opposing side is inciting violence by arguing that Trump should not be given a chance.

Closing Argument For: Clive Crook (02:24)

Crook argues for democracy and says it should be fixed, not disregarded. He compares Trump's election to Brexit.

Closing Argument Against: David Frum (02:11)

Frum says the proponents of the debate are asking people to be passive consumers and wait until the president has committed a crime to act.

Closing Argument For: Gayle Trotter (02:08)

Trotter talks about reactions to her view on gun control. She knows what it is like not to be given a chance.

Closing Argument Against: Michael Waldman (02:16)

Waldman argues that every generation must fight for its rights. He quotes the founding fathers.

Time to Vote (03:48)

While the audience votes, Donvan gives a preview of the topics of upcoming event and asks the audience to consider donating.

Results of Audience Vote (00:58)

Pre-debate - For: 27% - Against: 43% - Don't Know: 30% Post-debate - For: 22% - Against: 72% - Don't Know: 6%

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Since Donald Trump became president in January 2017, opponents have criticized him as unpredictable, offensive, and autocratic, a threat to both democratic ideals at home and stability abroad. But supporters have praised him as refreshing, bold, and unafraid to make waves or upset the status quo. Some Americans urge resistance to working with Trump to avoid "normalizing" his presidency, but others warn that this will only deepen political divisions in the United States and hurt the country. Should Americans—even those who strongly oppose him—give President Trump a chance?

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