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"Link Dance": Introduction (03:08)


Gail Lotenberg began the Link Dance Company in Whitehorse, Yukon. Robert Desrosiers describes the growth of the choreographer. Lotenberg's parents cried when she bought a house in the remote location.

Northern Lights School of Dance (05:02)

Michel Bisson explains how Lotenberg interprets emotions and then dissects it intellectually and physiologically. Accidentally encountering a caribou in close proximity inspired "Fears Physique." Shannon Moreno describes why she likes working with the choreographer.

Relocating to Whitehorse (04:20)

Robert Desrosiers Lotenberg thought she was going to stop dancing when she moved up to Whitehorse but became inspired by the surroundings. J.P. Carter collaborates with the Link Dance Company on a contemporary piece.

"Fears Physique" (05:20)

Link is the only dance company north of 60 but still finds it difficult to attract an audience. Watch an excerpt of "Devotion." Lotenberg introduces Al Pope, an artist she recently collaborated with.

Balancing Artistic and Personal Life (04:02)

Lotenberg did not want a child when she was younger, because she believed it would compromise her craft. The dance company hosts a Saturday night potluck and members discuss what they love about living in the Yukon Territory.

Credits: Link: Freedom (00:50)

Credits: Link: Freedom

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Link is the brainchild of Gail Lotenberg—a transplanted big city artist who found herself and her voice in the wild northern frontier of the Yukon. Based in Whitehorse, Gail has translated her perceptions about man and nature into works that have won over arts lovers in one the most remote communities.

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