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Sylvain Émard: Introduction (03:38)


Sylvain Émard is very precise in his movement choices and incorporates film sparingly to enhance the choreography. He and Robert Desrosiers discuss his influences, particularly Étienne Decroux. Watch an excerpt of "Te Souvient-Il?"

"Pluie" (03:11)

Dancers discuss Émard's rehearsal process. The choreographer prefers that both fragility and delicacy live within the dancer's body. The company discovers that the venue they were supposed to perform at is being closed down.

Sharing Accommodations (02:44)

The dance company loans out its studio to other choreographers and workshops in order to subsidize income. Watch an excerpt of "Scénes d'Intéieur."

Going to the Gym (04:15)

Émard injured his knee dancing and his rehabilitation requires therapeutic exercises. He has not been able to perform for two years but feels stronger as a choreographer. Dancers discuss their relationship with the artistic director.

Found a Venue (04:02)

Émard receives good news about his production for La Semaine des Arts. Alain Paré discusses the mission of CINARS. Pascale Pernet, the Director of Development, meets with organizations to promote the dance company touring abroad.

Set Design for "Pluie" (03:57)

The white curtain in the center of the stage needs to move like a dancer. Ed Pien discusses the set design. Émard loves collaborating in the studio with the dancers.

Credits: Sylvain Émard: Freedom (00:53)

Credits: Sylvain Émard: Freedom

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Sylvain Émard: Freedom

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Sylvain Émard is a veteran of Montreal's vibrant dance scene. His meticulous attention to movement and set design has won him the affection and loyalty of audiences from around the world.

Length: 25 minutes

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