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Le fils d'Adrien: Introduction (03:57)


Harold Rhéaume's return to Quebec excited the entire dance community. Watch excerpts from "C.O.R.R.." Robert Desrosiers and the choreographer discuss how different mediums of art influence his work and his desire to return home.

A Tight-Knit Community (03:30)

Johanne Dor describes how Quebec's dance community is small. Members of "Le fils d' Adrien" discuss Rhéaume's influence and rehearsal process. Watch an excerpt of "Les Cousins."

Pedestrian Abstract Movement (03:16)

Rhéaume compares his choreography to poetry and credits Fred Astaire as his role model. Pierre-Alexandre Lamoureux describes how the choreographer works with his dancers.

Work Style (03:22)

Because Rhéaume worked in different art mediums, he prefers to visualize the technical aspects of production but waits until the rehearsal process to create the choreography. Normally he will demonstrate the movement first on his own body and allow the dancers to adapt it to their own. Judith Lessard appreciates that she is allowed to make eye contact within the dance.

Simultaneous Projects (02:45)

Rhéaume prefers to multi-task different pieces at once. His home is a sanctuary at the end of the day. Watch an excerpt of "F.U.L.L."

Marketing and Promotion (04:47)

Rhéaume promotes a dance production on a local radio channel and describes why it is important to self-market oneself. Dance is the least known art form. It is important to make the audience aware of why a choreographer felt the need to create a piece; watch an excerpt of "Les Feluettes."

Credits: Le fils d' Adrien: Freedom (01:02)

Credits: Le fils d' Adrien: Freedom

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Le fils d'Adrien: Freedom

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Harold Rhéaume is a classic study in juggling. He is not only a renowned dancer and choreographer for Le fils d'Adrien Danse, but he has taken on the role of dance activist by championing the Quebec City dance community. His dedication and commitment have assured him a place in the hearts and minds of his contemporaries, both locally and nationally.

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