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The 7 Fingers (03:12)


"Les 7 Doigts de le Main" incorporates circus elements, celebrating life artistically, and work towards a single goal. They incorporate mixed media into their performances. The company is a collective ensemble that wanted to mix theater, dance, music, and words

Different Personalities and Styles (02:55)

Samuel Tetreault describes how each show is based on the company's originality. "Les 7 Doigts de le Main" wanted to show their humanity while still performing circus feats.

Living Together (03:47)

The members of "Les 7 Doigts de le Main" discuss how they purchased a former commune and are gradually turning it into a commune. Robert Desrosiers tours the facility.

Touring Type of Living (03:50)

The members of "Les 7 Doigts de le Main" discuss how they respect each other and deal with confrontation. Desrosiers describes how their living arrangement influences their performances. Watch excerpts of their productions.

Preparing for a Performance (04:20)

Members of "Les 7 Doigts de le main" discuss why their circus company works as a collective and talk about their rehearsal process. Watch excerpts of their performances.

Working Toward a Common Goal (03:42)

Members of "Les 7 Doigts de le main" explain how their philosophy helps create authentic work. Living together creates difficulties but also moments of inspiration.

Credits: Les 7 Doigts de le Main: Freedom (00:59)

Credits: Les 7 Doigts de le Main: Freedom

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Les 7 doigts de le main: Freedom

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This talented group of ex-Cirque de Soleil performers have been able to create a miracle project by collectively directing and choreographing an interactive theatrical experience that culls from their various skills, and features some highly acrobatic dance routines. Five of the seven members live cooperatively in a 21st Century commune. It is this sense of togetherness, both on and off stage, that makes Les 7 doigts de le main a stand out, must see show.

Length: 25 minutes

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