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Rubberbandance: Introduction (04:05)


Rubberbandance has components of contemporary dance and urban dance. Victor Quijada wants to bring the essence of hip-hop and ballet into contemporary dance. He works with actors during rehearsals.

Collaborating with Dancers (04:01)

Members of the Rubberbandance Company discuss why they enjoy performing this innovative style, learning a new technique, and working with Quijada.

"Hasta La Proxima" (03:16)

Anne Plamondon enjoyed performing a duet with a breakdancer. Quijada grew up performing hip-hop dancing but tried to become a ballet dancer. He wants to transcend the stereotypes of breakdancing and create more evocative dances.

Circle in Dance (04:44)

Quijada incorporates the circle into his routines. He wanted to become a ballet dancer and trained with Twyla Tharp; he broke his foot. Quijada's choreography is meticulous and he pushes dancers.

Quijada's Choreography (02:48)

Mitchell Akiyama's musical compositions give Quijada the space to create more eloquent dances. The pair meets to collaborate on a piece.

Quijada's Influences (03:01)

Desrosiers and Quijada meet to give a spontaneous performance in the subway. Quijada will continue to be inspired as long as he can live in a moment where he feels they are doing good work.

Credits: Rubberbandance: Freedom (00:37)

Credits: Rubberbandance: Freedom

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Rubberbandance: Freedom

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This innovative company is the brainchild of choreographer/dancer Victor Quijada, who has successfully melded his love of hip hop with classical ballet to create a dance form that is as much at home on the street as it is on stage. Raised in Los Angeles, trained in New York, and now based in Montreal, Victor has assembled a company through scouting hip hop clubs and classical troupes.

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