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Introduction: Lola MacLaughlin (02:59)


Robert Desrosiers explains how each movement in Lola MacLaughlin's choreography is detailed, but possesses a sense of freedom. The two choreographers tour her home in Vancouver, WA, paying special attention to her garden and work space.

"Volio": Lola Dance (03:21)

Watch an excerpt from a performance. MacLaughlin began dancing as a child, but became inspired to become a choreographer after taking a seminar with Phyllis Lamhut. Her work has become more intellectual but still maintains the primal enjoyment of dance.

"Four Solos/ Four Cities": Lola Dance (03:12)

Before she begins to choreograph, MacLaughlin layers themes and influences to inspire her. She talks about her research process for "Four Solos/ Four Cities."

"Fuse": Lola Dance (04:24)

MacLaughlin takes Desrosiers to "Baker's Dozen," one of her favorite stores in Vancouver that provides inspiration for her dances. MacLaughlin found it hard to leave the stage; it is difficult for her to sit through one of her performances.

Dance Rehearsal (03:53)

Day Helesic, Caroline Farquhar, Ron Stewart, and Susan Elliot discuss their relationships with MacLaughlin and her rehearsal process. MacLaughlin describes how some dancers prefer to work differently. Watch an excerpt from "Fuse."

Wanting an Emotional Connection (04:05)

MacLaughlin and Desrosiers visit a local forest. MacLaughlin is interested in the modification of nature and incorporates the theme into her dances.

Credits: Lola Dance: Freedom (00:44)

Credits: Lola Dance: Freedom

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Lola Dance: Freedom

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Lola MacLaughlin’s namesake company is Vancouver-based and celebrated across North America. Lola’s attention to detail and research comes from an academic mindset that forms the basis for all of her work. In fact, Lola’s search for her life’s path took her in the direction of the sciences, until the day dance came into her life. Today she’s still exploring and tackling issues such as the environment, this time around through her art.

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