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The Holy Body Tattoo: Freedom: Introduction (02:39)


Noam Gagnon and Dana Gingras fell in artistic love the first time they danced together; they met while auditioning for EDAM Dance. "The Holy Body Tattoo" members discuss what inspires their performances.

"Our Brief Eternity" (04:25)

"The Holy Body Tattoo" members describe how they choreograph. The chemistry between Gingras and Gagnon became the duo's signature. They recall performing the Tango with other partners.

Inspirations (04:43)

Gagnon gives a tour of his home to Robert Desrosiers. The image of the sacred heart inspired "The Holy Body Tattoo;" watch an excerpt of "Circa." Gingras and Gagnon recently began to teach students contemporary dance.

Separate Relationships (02:52)

Gagnon meets with his friend, Kevin House, who may create a musical piece to accompany the dancer's solo. Both artists use visual imagery to inspire their respective art forms.

Working with Others (03:50)

William Morrison collaborates on a film/dance project; watch an excerpt of "Our Brief Eternity." Gingras compares performing in Budapest in 1997 to a rock concert. "The Holy Body Tattoo" will be touring for the next month.

Getting Ready to Tour (03:39)

Gingras felt like a fraud as a dancer, because she explored multimedia platforms. The "Holy Body Tattoo" does not intend to dance provocatively, but rather keep tension between them. Watch an excerpt of "Circa."

Credits: The Holy Body Tattoo: Freedom (00:31)

Credits: The Holy Body Tattoo: Freedom

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The Holy Body Tattoo: Freedom

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Based on the West Coast, this internationally acclaimed company is comprised of two dynamic choreographer/performers - Dana Gingras and Noam Gagnon. The imagery they cast is gothic, mixed with classical dance choreography against a multi-media backdrop. Their performances are highly charged, physically challenging, and sexually raw, with a style that translates unmistakably on stage, on the web and in print. Robert Desrosiers and the Freedom crew visited with the pair just prior to their departure for a tour of Europe.

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