Titles in this Series

The Holy Body Tattoo: Freedom

Item #: 129924

Lola Dance: Freedom

Item #: 129925

Corpus: Freedom

Item #: 129926

Peter Chin: Freedom

Item #: 129927

Rubberbandance: Freedom

Item #: 129928

Les 7 doigts de le main: Freedom

Item #: 129929

Le fils d'Adrien: Freedom

Item #: 129930

Sylvain Émard: Freedom

Item #: 129931

Link: Freedom

Item #: 129932

ProArteDanza: Freedom

Item #: 129933

Kaeja d’Dance: Freedom

Item #: 129934

Kidd Pivot: Freedom

Item #: 129935

Kokoro: Freedom

Item #: 129936

Santee Smith: Freedom

Item #: 129937

Louise Bédard Danse: Freedom

Item #: 129938

Le Groupe Lab: Freedom

Item #: 129939

Anne Troake: Freedom

Item #: 129940

Battery Opera: Freedom

Item #: 129941

Jenn Goodwin: Freedom

Item #: 129942

William Yong: Freedom

Item #: 129943

Michael Trent: Freedom

Item #: 129944

Sasha Ivanochko: Freedom

Item #: 129945

Yasmina Ramzy: Freedom

Item #: 129946

Jennifer Robichaud: Freedom

Item #: 129947

Roger Sinha: Freedom

Item #: 129948

Pierre-Paul Savoie: Freedom

Item #: 129949

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Movement. Music. Culture. Immersion. Insight. Freedom is a 26-part documentary arts series featuring some of the worlds most eccentric, eclectic and leading edge urban dance performers, movers, choreographers and companies. Freedom will take the viewer into the subculture of dance with the world as the backdrop. Freedom is hosted by Canada’s own contemporary dance legend Robert Desrosiers, who will explore dancers, creators and companies in their own environments and cultures. Wherever dance has taken shape and shaped a culture - Freedom will take a candid behind-the-scenes, in-the-scenes and around-the-scenes look at the fresh ideas, forward thinking movements and the many faces that are shaping the modern dance world as it spins today.

Length: 624 minutes

Item#: BVL129923

Copyright date: ©2004

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