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The Pioneers: Introduction (02:30)


This segment orients viewers to the ancestral search for Sandra Cisneros, Neil Patrick Harris, and Gloria Steinem.

Neil Patrick Harris (02:50)

Harris' parents Ronald Harris and Sheila Scott introduced him to musical theater as a child; he began his Hollywood career at age 16. Harris was one of the first openly gay actors on prime time television. (Credits)

Gloria Steinem (02:41)

Steinem helped transform the role of American women in society and has been a public figure most of her adult life; she once wanted to be a professional dancer. Steinem was born in 1934 to Leo Steinem and Ruth Nuneviller. She remembers her nomadic childhood fondly.

Sandra Cisneros (02:08)

Cisneros is the only girl of seven siblings; she was born in 1954 to Elvira Cordero and Alfredo Cisneros. Cisneros draws on her life and mixes fact with fiction in her writing.

Harris Family Tree (05:30)

Harris' father's family migrated from Oklahoma to New Mexico in 1926. Harris' ancestor William Farrar sailed to the American colonies in 1618; Powhatan warriors attacked the colony in 1622. Farrar's marriage to Cecily Jordan was contested by a minister; Farrar won the court case.

Steinem Family Tree (08:51)

Steinem recalls her father's death. Her grandmother Pauline Perlmutter was born in Russia, moved to Germany where she married Joseph Steinem, and immigrated to America; she was a pioneering feminist. Baruch Perlmutter and his wife were sent to Theresienstadt where Baruch died; their son Karl Nikolaus made it to America.

Cisneros Family Tree (07:21)

Cisneros' father joined the U.S. military under the fake name Rudolpho Regalado. Her grandfather Jose Enrique fled Mexico after the revolution but returned in the 1920s. Her great-grandfather Jorge Enrique was a playwright and actor who spent a brief period in a mental hospital.

Steinem's Maternal Family Line (07:38)

Steinem's mother was the editor-in-chief for her college newspaper. Her great-grandfather Theodore Nuneviller served in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. He contracted scurvy while at sea and it ultimately led to his death.

Cisneros' Maternal Family Line (04:46)

Cisneros' grandparents Jose Cordero and Maria Anguiano fled their homeland during the Mexican Civil War; a draft card reveals information about their lives. A 1940 census highlights the Cordero family's journey from Mexico to Chicago.

Harris' Family Line (04:28)

Henry Louis Gates Jr. traced Harris' family back to his 12th great-grandfather Hans Steull and his wife Gertrude; Gertrude was put on trial for witchcraft in 1588.

Ancestral Lines (03:25)

Gates presents Harris, Steinem, and Cisneros with their family tree. Harris's ancestry dates back to Charlemagne and Steinem's dates back to Colonial Pennsylvania. DNA analysis reveals Cisneros' indigenous ancestry.

Credits: The Pioneers: Sandra Cisneros, Neil Patrick Harris, Gloria Steinem—Finding Your Roots, Season 3 (00:32)

Credits: The Pioneers: Sandra Cisneros, Neil Patrick Harris, Gloria Steinem—Finding Your Roots, Season 3

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The Pioneers: Sandra Cisneros, Neil Patrick Harris, Gloria Steinem—Finding Your Roots, Season 3

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Discover how Neil Patrick Harris, Gloria Steinem and Sandra Cisneros are connected to pioneers who broke new ground and paved the way for their modern-day descendants to continue shaping our culture.

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