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Rhine River (02:00)


Observe the everflowing river, which spans five countries. The high Alps are a source of water for this river. The rivers flow ranges from overflowing to placid.

Schwarzwald (04:39)

Take a birds-eye view of the Black Forest, which lies in the Baden-Wurttemberg region. Forest covers a majority of the region and is a popular tourist destination. Freiberg and the Hohenzollern Castle lie within this historic region.

Tubingen (01:54)

Experience a scenic view of the historic town known for its university and architecture. Hohentubingen Fortress houses University of Tübingen institutes and the largest colony of bats in Germany. Gondolas of Tubingen still travel along the river.

Ulm (02:14)

See an aerial view of Ulm Cathedral, known to be the tall tallest church in the world. Today the city has increased contemporary development. Modes of transportation are vast in Germany.

Esslingen (02:37)

Take a visual journey through the town located on a plateau within the Black Forest known for its wine making, preserved architecture, and Hockenheimring raceway.

Stuttgart (03:40)

Tour the industrial capital of Baden-Wurttemberg known for royal horse breeding, Mercedes Benz, parks, and historical buildings. Close by is the historical Ludwigsburg Palace and estate.

Heidelberg (03:11)

See a birds-eye view of the city known for its University and most popular tourist attraction- the Heidelberg Castle. The Neckar River joins the Rhine River and continues to meet the sea.

Upper Rhine River (03:10)

Explore a multitude of recreational and commercial activities along the upper Rhine River. Further north, the Rhine is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

Karlsruhe (02:28)

Take a visual tour of one of the youngest towns in Germany. Travel to the nearby towns that are homes to the Maulbronn Monastery and the 18th century Schwetzingen castle.

Three Cities (02:31)

Observe the industrial cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. Tour scenic views Worms, one of the oldest town in Germany. Notable churches and cathedrals commemorate religious history here. Vineyards north of Worms produce Liebfraumilch.

Worms (02:06)

Tour scenic views Worms-of one of the oldest town in Germany. Notable churches and cathedrals commemorate religious history here. Vineyards north of Worms produce Liebfraumilch; Bad Durkheim is home to the biggest wine festival in Germany.

Mainz (01:59)

Explore Germany's most important wine market city that is home to the Mainz Cathedral and birth place of Johannes Gutenberg.

Frankfurt (02:52)

Nicknamed “Mainhattan,” one of the greatest cities in Germany and the world lies east of Mainz. Experience the contrast between the new and old regions of the city. The city’s population is culturally diverse.

Wiesbaden (03:14)

Along the Rhine River lies a city with a thriving spa resort dating back to Roman times within a town reminiscent of its golden days. Castles within the Rhine River acted as fortresses and toll booths.

Rhine Valley (05:07)

Experience a visual trip along Rheintal known for Rhine wine, castles, mystical tales, and breathe taking vistas. Loreley Cliff is known for its dangerous currents and sailor's tales.

Boppard (01:48)

Tour the tourist town strategically placed along the Rhine River. Inland is the Burg Eltz Castle of the Eltz Valley. Vineyards along the Rhine River are terraced.

Koblenz (05:25)

Explore the city where the Mosel River joins the Rhine River marked by Deutsches Eck and local attractions. Kurfurstliches Schloss and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress are notable landmarks with historical roots. See a birds-eye view of a volcanic crater lake known for its Benedictine Abbey.

Bridges of the Rhine River (03:04)

Observe the Remnants of Remagen Bridge that act as a reminder of the events of World War II. The city of Bonn is known the John F. Kennedy Bridge, the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, Clemensruhe Palace, and Bonn University.

Cologne (03:26)

Take a visual journey through the industrial known to be the largest city along the Rhine River known for its religious buildings and history. Known by the world for the perfumed water.

Credits: Visions of Germany and Austria: Along the Rhine (00:46)

Credits: Visions of Germany and Austria: Along the Rhine

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Follow the lyrical path of the Rhine River through Germany’s southwestern region.

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