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Introduction: Austria (01:56)


This segment orients viewers to the history, culture, and beauty of this European empire once known as the Eastern Realm.

Bregenz (04:18)

See a bird's eye-view of this Austrian city at the end of Lake Constance. The capital of Vorarlberg is a a tourist destination

Tyrol (03:17)

See a bird's eye-view of the most mountainous part of Austria. Some villages have existed for 1,000 years. Each valley has its own traditions.

Innsbruck (07:03)

This mountainous and once transient city is now popular among students and tourists because of its ski slopes and other winter attractions.

Hallstatt (01:27)

Located on the side of a mountain, this village is known for salt mines and a 3,000 year old cemetery. It has remained preserved for over 100 years.

Austrian Farms (02:14)

Scenic views capture the neatness of Austria’s farms. This neatness is due to laws regarding farm ownership and cultural desire for perfection.

Graz (03:15)

The southern part of Austria houses the second largest city. Historical landmarks and Universities act as reminders of the past while new avant-garde culture rises.

Klagenfurt (02:12)

Previously home to presents, the warmest lake in Austria is now a vacation destination. A bird’s eye view of the neighboring city shows the influence of Italian architecture following the town’s destruction. The city remains preserved even through new construction.

Central Austria (04:49)

100 million years ago, Africa smashed into Europe driving rock from below the sea miles in the air creating the Alps. The sea evaporated and salt remained which was mined and exported.

Salzburg (05:13)

A Bird’s eye view of the fourth largest city in Austria shows its grand design based Roman architecture. Mozart was a prominent citizen of this town and several music festivals are held to honor him.

Linz (02:07)

Austria’s industry is concentrated in the North and East corners. Most of Austria’s electricity is generated via dams.

Danube (03:30)

Next to the river lie Melk Abbey monastery, Durnstein Castle, and Aggstein Castle. Tourists today enjoy river cruises and recreation. The foothills have vineyards that locals and tourists enjoy.

Vienna (09:14)

Panoramic views of Vienna give insight into the city’s history. Post World War renovations enhance the original architecture and promote new growth. Cafes, restaurants, and bike paths are central to the city and its people.

Austria Past and Present (03:01)

Austria’s monuments and civilizations are a reflection of the country’s history. Cities, towns, and farms are direct byproducts of the people and the collective culture.

Credits: Visions of Germany and Austria: Austria (00:48)

Credits: Visions of Germany and Austria: Austria

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Taking a cue from the relaxed pace of the cafes that are a hallmark of the Viennese lifestyle, Visions of Austria offers a serene tour that invites you to linger, for the total experience of a virtual vacation. Stunning high definition footage shot in winter and spring captures the idyllic essence of what was once the crown jewel of Europe.

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